Monday, July 1, 2013

Ultimate Summer Weekend!

I am SO sad this weekend is over!  I had such a fun weekend filled with all of my favorite things!  Let's start with Thursday night.  I taught free yoga at Redeemer Lutheran Church in the Harrison Neighborhood, you may remember me mentioning this project if you came to the MN Bloggers yoga class. My yoga classmates and I were able to put on a great 6-week series for people in this community and plan to continue these free classes on a monthly basis.  I only had 3 students in my class, and one of them was 4 years old!  Most weeks we had anywhere from 2-6 students, which is pretty good for a new class.

On  Friday, I had my yoga teacher training graduation!!  We had a potluck while we discussed general info and ethics for starting a yoga business.  The potluck was pretty hilarious because, in true yogi form, virtually everyone brought either fruits, veggies, or chocolate.  That was my kind of lunch!

We had a nice little ceremony when we were presented with our certificates and given some time to reflect on the past 9 months.  I am going to miss these ladies SO much, but I am sure that I will still be seeing a lot of them!  We've been with each other several times per week since September, so it will be weird to not be with each other all the time now!

On Saturday, I went for my long run, which was 8 miles.  I didn't have hip pain or I would have stopped, so thats good!  I spent most the day cleaning and working on projects around the house.  That night, my parents hosted a cocktail party on Lake Minnetonka.  We had a great time enjoying really delicious food and drinks!  The weather was really nice too so it was fun to be on the lake!

On Sunday, Mark and I drove down to Red Wing to bike the Cannon Valley Trail.  It was a fun and challening 40 miles!  I will post a full recap of that trip tomorrow, so make sure to stop back then to read about it! 

I can't believe it is already July!  Hooray for the 4th of July and a 4 day work week! And of course, link up your weekends with Sami!


  1. Congratulations on receiving your teaching certification :) You should follow my friend Ally on IG (she is huge into yoga and posts several yoga pics a day). She's allykat_yogi.

    And you look GORGEOUS in that last pic! LOVE your shorter hair.

  2. I love the Cannon Valley trail - it's so beautiful! However, I probably would not make it 40 miles :)

  3. Congrats on your certification! How exciting!

  4. Congratulations on graduating from yoga school! :) SO COOL!!!!!

  5. Yay! You graduated! Congrats!


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