Thursday, March 12, 2015

Oh hi, it's me again!

Just in case I have anyone out there reading this…hello!  You are probably surprised to see me pop up on your feed…(I'm hoping I still pop up anyway, I guess I have no idea what happens to a deactivated blog that has been reactivated.)  Here's the deal- A LOT has changed in my life since I last wrote anything, because well…baby.

I started to miss having somewhere to document my life, especially now that I have a child whose childhood I would like to remember.

I gave up blogging last time because I didn't want some people (in my real life) reading all of my inner-most thoughts…so while I will try to still be candid in this space, I'm going to try to maintain some form of privacy.

My other issue is that I am actually TECH-STUPID.  No reason to sugar coat things- I own it…I have no idea how to use my computer, much less the internet.  I was frustrated trying to make things look right or trying to figure out certain features that everyone else seems to make work on their blog.  I would love to change the name and look of this space, but I really have no idea how.  I guess I will try to address that issue if I am still maintaining this blog in the months to come…

But for now, hello again. I am excited to get caught up!
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