Friday, June 28, 2013

Health & Fitness Friday: Yoga Graduation!

I am so excited to post today for Health & Fitness Friday because later this afternoon, I am graduating from yoga teacher training!!  It has been such a great experience and journey!  Not only have a learned so much about yoga and teaching, but I have also met some amazing friends that I know will be in my life for a long time to come!  I'm not sure exactly what our graduation will be like, so check back later to hear about it.

I am hoping to start teaching somewhere in the fall.  I will start looking for and visiting different studios around town this summer as I send out applications :)

This has been a wonderful but huge commitment for me for the past 9 months.  After spending each Friday in weekly yoga study meetings, 34 tech sessions, a 4-week intensive series, 5 workshops, one visiting instructor weekend, 1 karma yoga community project, and a 15 hr personal mentorship, I am finally earning my title as RYT or registered yoga teacher!

I am so excited to see my yoga friends today for our class and then head out for a happy hour in celebration of our graduation!



  1. I just saw your blog in the Fitness Friday link up. Congratulations on your graduation! I hope you find a place you'll love to teach at real soon!!

  2. Congratulations!! :) You are an amazing instructor. I hope we can do another 'blogger' class soon.

  3. Fantastic news on graduating. Hope you get to teach really soon. Enjoy happy hour.

  4. Good for you, Katie!! Way to follow your dreams. There's no doubting the passion you have behind what you do. Namaste!

  5. Good for you girl!!! So exciting. You'll have to keep me posted on where you end up teaching! :)


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