Monday, June 10, 2013

Weekend in Review

Another weekend has come and gone and it STILL isn't summer here!  I am really losing it with this dreary and cold weather.  Isn't it supposed to be June?  Ugh.

On Friday night, we pretended that it was a nice summer evening and had a bonfire in the backyard.  We have been watching Mark's parents dog all weekend and it was like a 3 ring circus trying to manage her with Shay and Orlando, so we decided it would be best to try to spend the evening outside with the dogs.  We didn't stay up late though, because I got cold and our neighbors were having a gigantic and annoying party.  Oh well.

I got up early on Saturday to go running.  I got through 5 miles with NO hip pain!  I'm not overly excited about this though, because the pain seems to come and go at random.  We had a wedding to go to that night, so I went to The Wow Bar to get my hair blown out.  I'd never been to one of those blow dry bars before and I thought they did a great job!  An added bonus was running into Diana who was also getting her hair done!

The wedding was a lot of fun, the bride was the daughter of my dad's business partner, seems random but our families are really close friends.  The reception was at Interlachen Country Club, which is where our wedding was too, so of course it was fun reminisce and see how it was decorated.  The decorations were spectacular!

Amazing flowers, this arrangement was on every table!

Mark and I

My sister and I (do you think we look alike?)

On Sunday morning, I got up at went to another class at Pure Barre.  I think I'm getting addicted to it, I love these classes!  It was super hard though and my legs are feeling the burn!  I went straight from that class to this 2 hour Kundalini Yoga workshop.    I love taking classes from Nicole, the instructor of this workshop.  She is a really good teacher and her classes are so interesting. 

I basically sat around like a bum the rest of the afternoon.  I was pretty exhausted from the weekend so it was good to just relax.  Now, onto another week....have a nice Monday!!


  1. You look beautiful at the wedding!! You and your sister look enough a like to pass as sisters, I think! ;)

  2. I've always wondered if I should try a blow out, but I'm afraid of wasting money on it!

  3. I love that you ran into Diana! Too funny! :)

  4. Weddings are always fun :)

    I have a groupon to try out a barre class but I haven't gone yet


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