Monday, June 24, 2013

Weekend (or lack thereof)

Oh hey, Monday morning.  While the rest of the world is heading to work I am finally enjoying a day off!  I've been working for the past week and 2 weekends, so I really don't have a ton of fun weekend updates to report on. We had dinner on Friday night with our good friends Brenna and Tate at their townhouse.  The storm that rolled through was so crazy and the lights were flickering as we ate, but we didn't lose power.  Apparently we lost power at our house at some point, but it was back on by the time we were home.  I guess we were lucky because there are still people in the Twin Cities without power!

We went out for a couple beers after I got home on Saturday, but I turned in pretty early that night.  I had to go to a yoga thing right after work last night, so when I got home at 7:30 I was almost in tears I was so tired!  I poured myself a tall vodka tonic, watched some tv, and went to bed.

The big news of the weekend is that the plumbing and tile work is all done in our bathroom!  That means we have a working shower, tub, faucet, and toilet upstairs! Woo hoo!

Our bathtub hasn't worked ever since we moved into our house 1.5 years ago.  The part of the tub that switches the water from the shower head to the tub filler wasn't working, so I have never ever taken a bath in this house!  I don't really take leisurely baths, but I did regularly take ice baths and epsom baths after long runs while training for my last marathons, so this is just in time!

Hope everyone else had a nice weekend and that the storms here didn't cause you any damage!
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  1. Congrats on the bathroom!! Looks so nice!

    Glad you guys had lower. We were lucky to have it too

  2. Glad you have been able to keep power! Those storms were pretty intense.

    And how exciting about your new bath/shower :)

  3. ENJOY your day off today!!

    Love the tile, so pretty :-)

    We lucked out with not losing power either. And I was so shocked because my Lifetime Fitness which is like five blocks from our house lost power! Whew.

  4. Your shower looks awesome! Glad you are getting a day off today. That sounds rough!

  5. Hey lady! Found you through Sami's blog! Those storms seem scary as all heck everytime I see them on the news. I'm your newest follower!


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