Friday, June 21, 2013

Health and Fitness Friday: PT update & weekday workouts

I had my first PT session last Friday afternoon at Tria, where I had my surgery & PT last year.  My PT did a bunch of tests to evaluate my muscle strength, range of motion, and source of the pain.  She was unable to determine if it was coming from inside the hip joint (which would probably mean that the labral tear wasn't completely repaired) or if it is from outside the joint (meaning tendonitis or bursitis.) I really hope its tendonitis! 

She gave me several exercises and stretches to work on for the next month, when she will evaluate again and make some recommendations.  She told me to keep running low mileage weeks while I do my PT, otherwise we wouldn't know if the pain was getting better from the PT or from rest.  Neither of us see rest as a long term solution since I rested my hip for almost a year and the pain came right back, plus I don't plan on changing my active lifestyle anytime soon.   I see her again today and am anxious to see if I've improved at all or if she gives me any more recommendations.  Last week though, she did tell me that she thought I might be a good candidate for cortisone injections, which I've always wanted to avoid, but now I'm warming to the idea. 

In light of my hip pain, I am pretty proud that I have still had a fairly active week, especially given that I am working 9 days straight!  Here is the rundown since last week in addition to PT exercises each day:

Friday: 6 miles
Saturday: Walked my dog 2 miles
Sunday: Pure Barre, ran 2 miles
Monday: 75 min yoga class, Walked my dog 2 miles
Tuesday: Pure Barre
Wednesday:  Ran 3.5 miles
Thursday: Rest

Not too shabby.  I've been doing fairly well with eating this week too- lots of fresh fruit and good salads.  We grilled some kabobs on Wednesday that were delicious!  I brought gazpacho for lunch today and I am already looking forward to it!  Mark and I are grilling with some friends tonight and I made a rhubarb crisp for dessert- it has fruit in it, so it's healthy, right!!? Nevermind the ice cream we're having on the side!  You gotta enjoy summer while you can around here :)


  1. oh the good ol tria.
    your work outs are inspiring!!
    i hope your pain settles!

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