Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Strawberry Aperol Sorbet

I really can't take any credit for this recipe at all.  All I can say is that I discovered Aperol when we were in Austria, and it changed my life.  The second I read this recipe in the latest Martha Stewart Living, I knew I had to make it.

A little background on Aperol.  When Mark and I were in Salzburg, I noticed that virtually every woman was drinking the same thing, but it wasn't a drink that I could identify by looking at.  It looked sort of like orangey-iced tea in a wine glass.  After a few failed attempts at ordering drinks that I thought were the right one, I resorted to a totally normal solution.  Eavesdropping.  I made sure to listen to the ladies at the table next to me as they ordered, and I finally heard the magic words- APEROL SPRITZ.  I had no idea what aperol was, but I knew it was good.  Turns out its a bitter orange and rhubarb aperitif.  I should probably do an entire post on the aperol spritz cocktail, stay tuned lovelies.

Back to business.

Martha Stewart's recipe for Strawberry Aperol Sorbet is one of the best sorbets I've ever had.  It's so simple, 4 ingredients and super fast to make.  Make it now! Right now! Unless you're pregnant, in which case I am really sorry that you are missing this and I will personally make you some and deliver it to you upon the birth of your child.

When I say this is easy, I mean easy.  All you need to do is blend one pound of strawberries with 1/2 cup of sugar.

Stir in the zest from 1 orange and 1/3 cup of Aperol.  Confession- I used 1/2 cup.  Don't judge.  I also skipped the part of the recipe that told me to chill this all in a bowl for an hour before throwing it in the ice cream maker- I really didn't see the point.  Straight into the ice cream maker it went.  It only took about 15 minutes to reach the right consistency, but I had to "check" it several times, you know...just to make sure.

Pour the sorbet into a frozen loaf pan, cover, and store in the freezer.

Try to not eat it all in one sitting.  You're going to want to enjoy this for a few nights.  Trust me.

Try this recipe and all the other tasty meals and treats shared on Ashley and Jessica's link up!  Happy Taste of Tuesday everyone!


  1. That sounds tasty and easy enough to make!

  2. This sounds delish, and perfect for TX summers! Do they have Aperol at the grocery store or do you have to order it? I've never heard of it!

    This is a must-try! :)

  3. Sorbet is that easy to make?! I had no idea!! I need to make this asap! And yes, where in the world do you find Aperol? A liquor store? Glad you linked up with us!

  4. Stopping by from the blog hop! This looks delicious! I love finding new delicious recipes to try, and this seems so perfect for summer!! Newest follower via GFC :)



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