Monday, July 29, 2013

Weekend Recap

It's Monday morning again, how did that happen?  I'm good with it though, that means I am getting even closer to my last day at the hospital.

We had a quiet weekend around here, which was definitely welcomed, especially since the next few weekends are going to be a blur.  Friday night, Mark and I had dinner with my parents at their house.  Dinner included some killer margarita's and marble cake...always a winning combination.

I got up really early on Saturday to get my long run in before I went to get a facial while Mark was golfing.  I am totally in love with this headband, it has been a lifesaver with my new haircut!

We were pretty lazy for the rest of the day, which was unseasonably cold.  The weather made me just want to lay on the couch and watch we did that.  We've been working on watching the Harry Potter movies, since Mark and I never saw them.  We watched Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire, another winner.

Sunday morning started with taking Shay out for a little jog before driving down to Mankato.  We met Mark's family down there to celebrate his Grandma's birthday, she turned 95 yesterday!  And she looks great too, doesn't she?!

After lunch, we stopped at a cute little winery on the way home.  We sampled a few of their wines and sat out on their gorgeous patio.  This was such a nice place!  I can't say we loved the wine, but the setting was amazing!

We ended the weekend with another movie.  This time we watched one of Mark's favorite movies and a classic that I had never seen before- Pulp Fiction.  Ask me how I made it to 28 without ever seeing this?  I have no idea, but I am glad to have finally seen it!

Now, let's get on with the week...


  1. I love that you're watching Harry Potter. I think they get better and better with each movie. I've seen Pulp Fiction, but I don't love it, so I feel like a weirdo :)

  2. I've never seen Pulp Fiction either! Or more than a few mins of the first Harry Potter for that matter. haha.


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