Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Green Gazpacho!

Before I get started with this Taste of Tuesday recipe, I want to announce the next Blogger Yoga class!  The class will be at 10am on July 21 near Lake of the Isles.  I hope a lot of you can make it, this is really the only day I can do it so I'm sorry if it doesn't work for you! Check back tomorrow for more details!!

With that said, it is now time to talk about food!  If you aren't already sharing your recipes with Ashley and Jessica, hop on that bandwagon! 

The past week has been suuuuper hot in MN, which of course is a welcomed change from our dreadful winter/spring. One of my favorite summer meals is gazpacho, and I am always trying new recipes for it!  I had a great green gazpacho from Whole Foods the other week,  so I tried to recreate it  with this recipe here....not sure it is quite the same, but it will do! I made a few changes to the recipe, so pay attention!

First, chop one small onion, a green bell pepper (seeds removed) and 2 cucumbers (seeds also removed.)

Throw them in a food processor and combine until they are almost pureed.  Add cilantro and parsley. I pretty much doubled the amount from the original recipe because I love these flavors.

Add 2 tbsp of EVOO, 1 avocado, 1 cup of water and lemon juice.  I used the entire lemon from this, which is different from the recipe.  Season with salt. Puree until smooth.

  Chill in the fridge for a few hours so its super cold. Enjoy!

I just got some good bread to serve this with to round out the meal.  It's so easy to make and it makes enough for me to have it a few more times this week!  Mark liked it, but he's not as into vegetables and cold soup as I am, so I will probably be the one finishing it!


  1. This is such a unique recipe! I've never had cold soup before so I should try this one! Glad you linked up with Jess and I!

  2. I might have to give the whole cold soup thing another try - this looks really good.

  3. July 22nd is a Monday....morning. Is that right?

  4. I have had red gazpacho but not green! Sounds yummy!

  5. This looks so yummy and refreshing! Definitely something I want to give a try! :) So glad you linked up with us!

  6. Wow that looks delicious! And I'm bummed I won't be able to make yoga - I'll be flying back into town that afternoon. Hope you gals have as much fun as we did the first time!


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