Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Wednesday Gratitude: Running Buddies

I am running the Torchlight 5k tonight in Minneapolis and it is shaping up to be quite the hot and humid evening here!  Last time I ran this race, it had to be postponed to a later date due to the heat- lets hope that doesn't happen again!

Since it's Wednesday, and Steph started this awesome little Wednesday Gratitude initiative, I thought I had better tell you about my running buddies!  I've been running local 5k races with my friends Katie and Kate (yeah, thats not confusing at all) for the last several years.  This is our 3rd Torchlight run together! (I missed it last year because of my hip surgery.)  We've run many other races together though the years is a little trip down memory lane...

Torchlight 5k, 2009

Time to Fly 5k, 2009

Securian Frozen 5k, 2010

Torchlight 5k, 2011 (read the recap here.)

These two make doing races so much fun!  We don't get together and run unless it is for an event, but I am always reminded of how much it helps to have friends to run with! I pretty much always run alone, so it is really nice to have some conversation along the way!  Of course, the Twin Cities running circuit is pretty great too, so many fun races and events to try! Check back on Friday for a recap of the race!

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  1. Good luck tonight. I hope you guys are all drinking soooo much water today. Running with friends is so much easier than alone, plus races make it more enjoyable and entertaining.

  2. Fun!! Ihave done the torch light a few times! Nuts we have been at the same place at te same time. :)

  3. Have fun tonight! I hope it cools down and makes for a fun night with your girls. After doing the happiest 5K on the planet I've come to the conclusion that I'd like to train a little better for running. You inspire me.

  4. You are a huge inspiration!! :)

    We usually go to the torchlight parade every year, but it was just TOO HOT this year!! But, I always love watching the runners take off in the beginning.


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