Friday, July 19, 2013

Torchlight 5k recap!

Happy Friday everyone!!  It's finally the weekend again and I couldn't be happier about that!  I am leaving work a little early today, so this is going to be short and sweet so I can get everything done!

I ran the Torchlight 5k in Minneapolis on Wednesday with these lovely ladies:

Kate (in the middle) also brought her husband to run this year.  My sister and her friend were there too, so we all met up at the start and then found each other after the race for the after-party.

It has been super hot here all week.  Before the race, my car said it was 95!  I think the official temperature was 93, but whatever it was, it was HOT! And really humid too!!  This is always a fun race to run though and I am glad that we went for it!  The Torchlight 5k is part of the Minneapolis Aquatennial celebration that happens every summer,  it takes place down the same streets at the Torchlight Parade, which starts right after the race.  It is sort of a logistical nightmare, but we had a good game plan and it all work out flawlessly! 

I am proud that I actually ran the whole way in this heat!  It would have been really easy to walk, but running with my running buddies and in a crowd always makes me push myself a little harder.  We started out at a pretty normal pace and were able to maintain that throughout the first 3 miles.  Once we were on the Stone Arch Bridge, we sped it up a little bit.  This race is always deceptive because you think the finish line is at the end of the bridge, but its actually quite a bit further down and around a corner.  It gets me everytime!

I finished right next to my friend Katie, and we both pretty much collapsed on the ground for a few minutes afterward.  Then we went in search of popsicles.  After the rest of our crew finished, we went in search of the good stuff...the free beer.

My time ended up being 29:05, which I thought was pretttty good for the heat!  I am actually quite inpressed that we did it in under 30 minutes!  Thanks for running with me, ladies!!

And as always, link up your weekly fitness report with Jen for Health and Fitness Friday!!


  1. Awesome. I could not imagine running in this heat

  2. I have never run the Torchlight parade but it's on my bucket list for next year. I couldn't imagine running in this heat/humidity. Good job!

  3. I couldn't imagine running in that heat either, but so proud of you for doing it and doing it WELL! Way to go!

  4. Great time girlfriend!! There was a 5K this week that I really wanted to run but I chickened out because it was still 95 degrees at race time!!! I think I still have PTSD from running the half marathon in the heat wave last year...I have no tolerance for it anymore! Such a wuss, I know :-) But you looked super cute at your race and that beer looks TOTALLY WORTH IT!!


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