Friday, March 7, 2014


It feels like August is right around the corner now that its March!  I just can't wait for it to get warm out, then August will feel even sooner.  I finished my 15th week a few days ago and am finally caught up to real time with these bump dates.  

Ok ladies- can anyone tell me what round ligament pain actually feels like?  Would I already be feeling that?  I keep getting weird stretching feelings low in my pelvic area.  To be honest, it feels a little like my Interstim does when its turned on- and it keeps freaking me out that it has turned itself back on so I keep checking it!  I am also getting BAD headaches and I had a migraine that lasted for 3 days!  No!

Stretch marks?
Nope.  My body hasn't changed enough for these yet, but hopefully I don't get any!

Food cravings?
Mostly sweets.  I feel like I MUST eat something sweet, even a tiny piece of candy, after I finish every meal.  I'm trying to keep it in check, but I probably indulged too much over the weekend. 

Not yet…I guess it should be happening in the next few weeks though!

Meh.  I went to the gym once and did my DVD twice.  I also taught 2 yoga classes, so that sort of counts.  I also took my first prenatal yoga class! It was by no means a "workout" but I loved it! Hopefully I can keep going!

No clue.  Mark has a guess, and I sort of do…but I am not going to say what that is!  One of my best friends just found out she's having a boy in July though, and I am more and more excited to find out- no matter the outcome!

Maternity clothes? 
Same as last week- I'm wearing maternity pants for the most part, I wore a belly band last week with a pair of black pants too, and that worked well.  I don't need maternity tops but I'm still wearing some of them.

what I miss? 
My co-workers all did this really fun event over the weekend which involved "sledding" on a mattress down a ski hill.  I went to cheer them on, but I was sad to not be able to actually participate!  

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  1. So if the theories are true, I'm going on the record and saying that you're having a girl with all your sweets cravings. Just for the record. ;)


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