Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Week 17

This past week has been great!  The weather is sooo much nicer and I can actually get out and about without dreading going outside.  I'm just praying it stays nice out.  This weekend Mark and I started a baby registry just for some basic stuff.  It may be early, but I'm going nuts trying to keep track of the products that I know I want, so it made sense to just start putting it on a registry. 

If you go back to my post from last week, you'll notice my belly seems to have shrunk.  I guess it really was just a food baby after all last week.  I feel pretty good this week, I've had more energy, but I get tired in the afternoon if I push it.  My nails are growing like crazy and my hair, oh my gosh.  How can my highlights already be so grown out, I just had them done! (Yes, I'm one of those people who still gets their hair done while pregnant, my doctor assured me that its fine, so thats good enough for me.)

Stretch marks?
Nada.  Last week seems to have been a false alarm.  Only time will tell.

Food cravings?
I still crave sweet things, like my jellybeans, but I did have one fairly intense craving over the weekend for mozzarella sticks.  Kind of embarrassing, but its true.  I have been SUPER healthy most days for 90% of the day, but will indulge in dessert or yes, mozzarella sticks, when the moment hits. 

I don't think so.  I'm used to having lots of weird cramping in my abdomen thanks to my lovely colon, so I'm really having a hard time distinguishing between that and the baby.  

I worked out 5 days this week, but I was very active getting other things done on my "rest" days still.  I have been running some, walking some, using the elliptical, and lifting weights.  I taught yoga on Sunday, which was active, but I'm counting it as a rest day because I didn't demonstrate that much.  To be honest, teaching is getting a bit tricky.  A lot of poses don't feel right at all so I have to skip those. 

We have an appointment on April 2nd to find out!  Anyone find any of the old wives tales to be true??

Maternity clothes? 
I'm mostly wearing maternity with a few exceptions.  I just hope it gets warm quickly this spring so I don't need to buy any long sleeved stuff.  I have a few already and I don't want to buy more!  Even though I have a ton of clothes from when I bought my co-worker's old stuff, I still browse Zulily.com and I bought I cute summer top from there this week.  I don't really NEED anything, but its so fun to look. 

what I miss? 
Not too much.  It was St. Paddy's Day weekend and I thought I would miss my favorite Irish beverages, Harp and Bulmers Cider, but I really didn't.  I had the BEST prenatal massage this week, and although it was sooo great, I missed being able to lay on my belly.  Very small complaints though.

I'm linking up today with Kristin for Baby Talk!


  1. You look adorable, congrats! Excited to follow along with you!


  2. You look great! As for the old wives tales, I actually found them to be true. All except the chart that you look up online and check the conception date. That said boy, everything else said girl. Found you from the link up!


  3. Before we found out the sex, I searched online for predictor quizzes. I took 3 and they all said girl. And we are having a girl. Confirmed by 2 ultrasounds now! :)

  4. You look amazing, girl!! Hopefully the weather will warm up again soon! It's much more motivating to me to work out if I can do it outside.

  5. You are sooooo cute :) I'm so excited for you to find out the gender!
    Take advantage of your cravings!! I wish I would have more when I was pregnant! Because after baby you'll be monitoring your diet a little more closely. Nothing is more motivating than getting rid of the after baby squish ;)
    Also, you'll totally know when you feel baby movement! And it won't feel like cramping at all (I hope that goes away for you!) For me it felt like light, tiny pulsing in my belly! Such an amazing feeling when you finally make the connection! I realized I had felt it before but didn't realize it was baby!

  6. When I got a pre-natal massage at CorePower Yoga, they had those pillows with the belly whole that allowed me to lay on my stomach! You should tell your place they need those! :)

  7. For registering, check out the book baby bargains and make sure you get the most recent version for lots of amazing tips and product reviews and ratings! So helpful. I loved that book'

  8. You look so great! :) And now I want mozzarella sticks! HAHAHA


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