Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Week 16

I know I keep saying this, but I just can't believe how fast this is going.  The snow outside is starting to melt (!!!!!!) which makes it feel like summer is just around the corner!  I had a doctors appointment last week and he said everything looks great.  I had a couple questions (related to labor/delivery with my Interstim implant, which has never been studied in a pregnant woman) that he wasn't really able to answer though, so I'll keep asking each doctor I see.  

Mostly back pain and headaches.  I have noticed that my belly is finally growing though!  To be fair though, I had just gotten home from getting dessert with a friend when we took this picture, so theres a food baby in there too.  The back pain has been really hard for me.  I got the BEST gift from my aunt though- she got me a package of 6 prenatal massages! OMG!  I am getting one this week and I can't wait!

Stretch marks?
Ahh! I think I might have spotted some on my chest.  I am hoping it was just a weird mark from how I was sleeping, but to be honest, I haven't checked it out since.  I am using body oil, but I know I can't really control this and stretch marks are a small price to pay. 

Food cravings?
Jellybeans!  Or maybe thats just because they are all over the place at Target now that Easter is approaching.  I have days when everything sounds good and days when nothing sounds good.  I may or may not have had a small breakdown at dinner time on Sunday because NOTHING sounded good! 

Not yet…I guess it should be happening in the next few weeks though!

Since I wrote the 15 week update just before the weekend, and I worked all weekend, I don't have much to report.  I did go to the gym on Monday and ran/walked about 3 miles and did some light weightlifting.  I'm planning to get in some exercise most days this week. 

Ok, I sort of have a guess but I don't want to say it.  We get to find out the first week of April!

Maternity clothes? 
I'm wearing a lot of maternity tops and bottoms, but I did wear 2 completely non-maternity outfits to work this weekend, but they were things that normally fit me pretty loosely.  I am loving wearing all this maternity stuff though, I totally don't understand why anyone would wait to start wearing it! So comfy!

what I miss? 
Not too much.  I had lunch with Kelly last week from Jimmy Johns and a good ole Turkey Tom would have been awesome, but my veggie sub was a pretty good substitute!

I'm linking up today with Kristin for Baby Talk!


  1. Congrats. Found you through the link up. Such an exciting time The 2nd trimester was my favorite. I love my little one being right here with me but I miss being pregnant sometimes too!!!

  2. Eeekk...how exciting to see a tiny little baby bump!! So glad things are going well so far - enjoy that massage!!

  3. YES! Maternity clothes are so comfy!! :) So glad that everything is going well! The baby bump is adorable!

  4. You definitely are looking a little bigger now! Are you feeling like you are pregnant or just put on some lbs when you look at yourself? I disliked that stage where I just thought I looked fat, not pregnant.

  5. Look at your cute little bump! Massages while pregnant are AMAZING! Enjoy! Jimmy John's veggie subs were my biggest craving while pregnant. Yum!


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