Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Week 14

Week 14! (Posting a little late!)

Wow, week 14 already! I can't believe I'm already in the 2nd trimester, how crazy is that?  We spent this week in San Diego and it was great to be out of the cold weather.  Going on vacation while pregnant was a little different, but definitely still appreciated.

I got all caught up last week with the 1st trimester, so now I am posting this on the last day of my 15th week.  I'll have to knock out one more of these to get all caught up!

Mostly fatigue.  I do feel somewhat better now that I'm in the 2nd trimester, but I get really tired mid-afternoon still.  I also go to bed really early, which has been even more pathetic being 2 hours behind while we're on Pacific time. I still have sporadic tail bone pain, which makes me look like I can barely walk!

Weight gain/loss?
I've been thinking about this, and I don't feel that its appropriate for me to write weekly about my weight, given my job in the world of eating disorders.  However, weight gain is a real subject for pregnant women, so I will write about it occasionally- I just won't focus on it week after week.  For now, I'll just say this- I am supposed to gain 25-35 lbs, and in the 1st trimester, I lost 3.  My doctor says its fine though so I am not worried.  I will probably do a full post on weight/body image a little later once I actually know how I feel about it. 

Stretch marks?
Nope.  I decided to use Mama Mio oil for this since Kelly had such great success with it.  I'm hoping that I won't get any stretch marks, but of course, I will learn to accept them if they come.

Food cravings?
I'm finally wanting healthier things.  I LOVE all kinds of fruit right now!  Well, I always do, so this is no surprise.  I actually WANT to eat salads too.  It all balances out though with my constant sweet-tooth.  Cookies, ice cream, brownies….yep, give me all of the desserts.  Oh, and anything with coconut, majorly craving that this week!

Not yet.  I had an ultrasound at the 1st trimester screening and the baby was literally JUMPING up and down, like it was on a spring board on something.  I am so shocked that I can't feel that!

I've been way more active this week on vacation than I was all of the 1st trimester.  I actually started running again- in very short spurts mixed with walking.  I have run/walked 3 miles every day here, and did some hiking and kayaking too!

No clue.  We find out in April though!  I don't have much of a feeling on this yet. 

Maternity clothes? 
I'm wearing maternity jeans now.  I don't really need them yet, but they are so comfy.  I have been wearing maternity tops too, but thats mostly because I already swapped my non-maternity stuff out of my closet to make room for the HUGE pile of stuff I got from my co-worker. 

what I miss? 
I've got to be honest, I do miss being able to have a glass of wine or beer while on vacation.  I did not even think twice about this at home- it did not appeal to me and I didn't miss it.  On vacation though, yeah- its hard.  It's not so much that I miss the actual drinking- I miss the social aspect of being with Mark and just going to a bar for a mid-afternoon drink on vacation.  Oh, the sacrifice.


  1. Maternity pants were a GOD SEND in the beginning. I loved them so much. HAHAHAHA! I decided not to blog about my weight gain while pregnant, because gaining weight is what you're supposed to do, and I didn't want to feel guilty about what I gained to grow my baby boy. I think you should do it however you want! :)

  2. Vacationing at the beginning of pregnancy was rough for me. We went to AZ in December when I was 10 weeks. And I was so tired all I wanted to do was nap!

    And it is a bummer not having a beer once in a while. I miss the social aspect of it too. It's kinda fun ordering a kiddie cocktail though. :)

  3. Catching up over here. Yay for 14 weeks. I totally agree it's weird that we can't feel babies early on when they are moving around so much. it's crazy!! Soon enough :)


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