Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Week 18

I feel like I have more energy to stay up later, but am still pretty tired in the afternoon.  No new symptoms though, just the same old stuff!

Stretch marks?

Food cravings?
I craved a bagel and cream cheese all week and finally caved and got one on Friday.  It was glorious.  I went to Panera for lunch on Sunday and had a terrible time deciding on something, NOTHING sounded good at all. 

I still don't think so. Its really hard to tell though because I have so much going on in that area due to my GI disorder.  I wish I could tell for sure what I am feeling.  

I went to the gym 3 times and walked the dog twice, so I feel pretty good about it.  I sort of beat myself up for not working out on Sunday, but I knew I was getting sick and didn't want to over work my body. 

We have an appointment on April 2nd to find out! 

Maternity clothes? 
I'm mostly wearing maternity with a few exceptions.  Please get warm soon, I don't want to have to buy winter clothing!! 

what I miss? 
Cold medication.  Seriously, taking some Nyquil would be awesome.

I'm linking up today with Kristin for Baby Talk!


  1. You look fabulous lady! And I crave bagels all the time....go getcha one ;)

  2. I still crave bagels - YUMMY!

  3. Almost halfway! I bet you are so excited for that ultra sound so soon! I remember the days of nothing sounding good to eat. It's so strange because i love food! haha

  4. April 2nd is right around the corner! So exciting!


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