Thursday, March 6, 2014

30 before 30 update

I posted this list exactly one year ago from today, how crazy is that!  I wanted to break up the baby posts and what a better way to do that than to give an update on my 30 before 30 list.  (I have no intention of turning this into a baby-themed blog, but I just have to get caught up to current time…then things will calm down- promise!)

I was able to do a lot of the things on my list in the last year, but sadly, I don't think some will happen before I'm 30.  Am I allowed to make changes to this?  I don't know the rules.

Going to Europe last April really helped me to accomplish a lot of this, but other stuff I am proud to say I set out to accomplish on my own.  Here's the scoop:

1.  See the Cliffs of Moher DONE

2.  Travel around Europe with Mark DONE
3.  Drink beer at the Hofbrauhaus  DONE
4.  Get at least a handful of private yoga students- No private students but I have a handful of regulars who attend my classes, so I'll call it 50% done. 
5.  Take a road trip on the East coast
6.  Visit Alaska
7.  Learn how to maintain a garden- we'll see this spring if any of the stuff I planted last summer survived the winter.
8.  Take a cooking class with Mark
9.  Run a 5k with my dog
10.  Take Mark to a college football game in the deep south- Roll Tide?
11.  Golf at Torrey Pines- I did not golf there but I visited the pro shop….close, but no cigar. 
12.  Cook at least 1 recipe from every cookbook I own- making progress
13.  Go to DisneyWorld & Epcot with Mark
14.  Go to a wine and canvas event
15.  Host a Thankgiving and make the turkey
16.  Sing karaoke
17.  Set a new half marathon or marathon PR- ran a half marathon, but no PR.
18.  Find a studio to teach a weekly yoga class at DONE
19.  Plan and pull off a surpise weekend getaway with Mark
20.  Master at least one yoga arm balance DONE
21.  Try standup paddle-boarding
22.  Run a relay race with friends
23.  Learn how to put in a new floor in our house
24.  Try a barre workout class DONE, I went to several actually!
25.  Brew our own beer
26.  Go on a yoga retreat with friends
27.  Visit Kripalu
28.  Participate in a Bike MS ride
29.  Have a real spa day
30.  Read the entire Bible

And there you have it.  I accomplished 6.5 out of 30.  I know some of these are doable, but all of these vacations will probably have to wait.  Some of it will certainly have to wait until after the baby comes too.  So my question is, if you have one of these lists, do you make changes based on circumstances or hold yourself to the original list?

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  1. No! You didn't just say Roll Tide! Maybe you and Mark need to join us sometime on our yearly game down in God's country, Gainesville, Florida. Go Gators! :)


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