Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Meet Kristin

Hey everyone- meet Kristin!  I wanted to write a post about my dear friend today, and introduce you all to her and her sweet little family.  You should definitely check out her blog too, she was one of my biggest inspirations to start blogging!

Kristin and I met each other freshman year of college when we lived just a few doors down from each other in our dorm.  We were instant friends and spent countless afternoons & evenings together watching our favorite TV shows, listening to music, and driving to McDonalds to get McFlurrys and fries...ahh, to be in college again.

One of my favorite memories of Kristin is the time we drove to Tennessee together!  Yep, just the 2 of us on the open road.  We drove down there for Bonnaroo (a huge music festival) and ended up staying at this cute B&B together and enjoying tons of awesome music during the day!  I remember waiting for hours in the pouring rain to see Dave Matthews & Friends play one evening, I think we took this picture after that show...apparently with some random dude?

Kristin ended up transferring schools, and although I was devastated about this, I can't complain because she ended up meeting her husband- who is a really perfect match for her!  We've known each other for 10 years now (crazy!!) and I badly wish we lived closer to each other.

She had a beautiful beach wedding to her great guy now and has an adorable son!  They are such a great family and her son is so lucky to have her as a mom!  We still live is different states, but they recently moved just a little bit closer!  Head on over to Husband, Wife, Blessed Life to get to know her!  You won't be sorry!

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  1. SUCH great memories!! Thanks for your sweet words...I really wish we did live closer! Miss you, friend!


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