Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Gone Girl Casting

I've become completely consumed by Gone Girl.  I'm not done yet, I've got about 1/3 of the book left and I am DYING to know what happens!  (I'm actually listening to it on audiobook while I run, which is the first time I've tried doing that.  I would recommend it, by the way.)  I know a movie is going to be made of it, and I can't stop picturing the cast in my mind while I listen.  I've heard that Reese Witherspoon is producing it but not necessarily starring as Amy.  Is that what you've heard too?  I wouldn't be opposed to her playing Amy, but here are my first picks:

Amy Adams.  I LOVE her! She is versatile and I think could play the "Good Amy" and "Real Amy" roles well.  I picture her with blonde hair for this role.

Charlize Theron.  I think she has the perfect look for this role and can definitely be versatile also.

Ok.  Now for Nick.  He needs to be good-looking and all-American.  Here are my favorites for this role:
Bradley Cooper.  Everyone loves him, right?  Can't really go wrong with him.

Jake Gyllenhaal.  It's no secret that he's incredibly good looking and I also think he's a great actor.  And how cool would it be if his real-life sister played his on-screen sister.

That brings me to Go, Nick's sister.

Maggie Gyllenhaal.  I really love her, she's such a great actress and is pretty much the only person I can see in this role.

If I can't have Maggie, I think Rashida Jones could make a good Go.  Maybe.

The other character I keep picturing is Andie.  She has to be much younger and I think she needs to be able to pull of the ditzy thing.

Lucy Hale.  Is is MUCH younger, maybe too young?  She's 23, but usually plays teenagers.  I think she's got the perfect look though.

Minka Kelly.  She has the ability to play this role, she can act sweet but in a bad girl way.

That's about all I've got right now.  If you have read this book, who do you picture for each character?  I'd love to hear more opinions!


  1. Yes, Yes, Yes and Yes. I would love Amy Adams, Bradley Cooper, either one for his sister and Andie - she's still a mystery for me. I'm interested to see what you think at the end... Loved the book though.

  2. I've heard so many good reviews of this book. It's definitely going on my reading list!

  3. I vote Jake and Maggie as Nick and Go! Seriously loved this book and will be so mad if they mess up the casting! I am not a fan of Amy Adams at all, but I completely agree with you that she would be great to play Amy - I think she could do a great job of switching from good Amy to bad Amy.


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