Monday, March 25, 2013

A very special anniversary

Other than the fact that I worked all weekend and really have nothing to recap, we did celebrate a very important anniversary around here!  We brought our sweet puppy home with us a year ago from yesterday, March 24th!  Everyone loves puppy pictures, so I'm sharing a few of him growing up into the 80 pound lap dog that he is! Here is our baby boy, Shay! Fyi, we know Shay is usually a female name these days- he was named after Ryan Shay, Mark's favorite athlete.

Bringing our boy home!

 Our first night with him

Such a sweet puppy!

Already a runner!

Playing piano with dad!

He loves his tennis ball.

Getting so big!

Just catching up on some reading.

So grown up now.

Still wants his tennis ball!

He can be a little mischievous!

"I turned 1 in January and got to eat an entire cupcake!  I have the best parents ever!!"

We love you Shay!

And how about a little inspiration for Monday too? Link up with Rachel!


  1. OH MY WORD. your pup is so so cute! happy one year :)

  2. HE IS SOOOO CUTE!! happy one year, Shay (and the Hall's!)

  3. Such a cute puppy. I love celebrating doggie birthdays. Ours get "Frosty Paws" which they sell at the grocery store and it's peanut butter flavored ice cream for dogs. They are obsessed with it.

  4. I love animals and can't wait to get a dog when we get a yard!! Love the picture of him in his birthday hat!! So cute. Thanks for linking up.

  5. awwww he is sooo cute! i want one too! they grow up so fast!

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