Thursday, March 28, 2013

Gone Girl Review

SPOILER ALERT: If you plan on reading this book, but haven't yet, don't read this!  Also, don't read it if you're currently reading it but haven't finished!

I finally finished Gone Girl earlier this week and I have to say that I've got some mixed feelings.  I was LOVING it right up until the end.  I thought the first 2/3 of the book were absolutely captivating and I was totally into it.  As the end neared though, I started to worry about how it was going to end.

The story is basically about a wife who goes missing and the husband is the main suspect.  It is told from both the perspectives of Amy (the wife) and Nick (the husband.)  Nick maintains his innocence, even though it looks really bad for him.  A huge twist happens when Amy reveals that she is framing him and that she faked her own disappearance/murder.  She does this to get back at him for having an affair and a thousand other little reasons about him that annoy her.  She eventually runs into trouble with her plan and decides to return home, claiming that a man from her past kidnapped her.

I started to get the feeling around the time Amy began to talk about going home that she would return and use her fame to solve their financial trouble.  Of course, I really wanted her to get caught and exposed for what she was,  and I was disappointed that she got away with it all.  I really wanted Nick to stand up for himself and find a way to "win" their war, but he couldn't find a way- or a spine.

In the end though, I guess they deserved each other.  I'd love to know what happens in their future and what happens to their baby.

I've read some mixed reviews of this ending, and I guess I'm still trying to decided how I really feel about it.  Did you read this?  What did you think of it?


  1. I was not a fan of the ending either, but I appreciate that it pushed the boundaries because it wasn't what you were expecting. I would definitely see it as a movie and I'll probably try reading one of her other books.

  2. I hated the ending. I was very surprised at how she choose to end the book. I'm thinking when they make it into a movie they will change how it ends. At least I hope so.


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