Friday, March 15, 2013

Health & Fitness Friday

Yay, its FRIDAY!!  That means a long run and yoga study for me!  This week has been so-so with working out, but pretty decent with food.  I really try to not label food good or bad, but obviously some food has more nutritional value, and I feel that I've been getting a good amount of those nutrients in this week.

Did you know that there were edible four-leaf clovers?  Yep!  I went to a salad bar yesterday and there they were!  They tasted pretty bitter, but they were too cute to pass up!

Anyways, I've been eating fennel all week too.  I love it but almost never buy it, I really need to start using it in recipes more often!

As far as workouts go, this has been my plan this week:

Monday- Rest
Tuesday- 3 miles
Wednesday- 3 miles
Thursday- yoga
Friday- 7 miles
Saturday- yoga
Sunday- 4 miles

I did everything so far except that I couldn't make it to yoga on Thursday.  Instead, I walked my dog a couple miles- so I figure that was a good exchange.  I am off to the gym soon for my 7 miles, and I am feeling nervous!  The farthest I have ever run on a treadmill is 7 miles, which I used to do pretty routinely, but I feel like I was in much better shape back then!  I have yoga study all afternoon, and I am sure I will be doing quite a bit of work there too as we continue to to practice teaching.  I should be good and tired tonight!

Send me some good luck for my run this morning- I might need it!

Link up with Jen for Health and Fitness Friday!!

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  1. Every time I read your Friday makes me want to run to a yoga class. I LOVE IT SO MUCH!!! And your salad looks delicious and very appropriate for St. Patty's Day! Ha! You have the best attitude about health and fitness Katie...I am so glad you are part of this link-up. Have a great week honey!


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