Friday, April 4, 2014

The Ultimate March Madness- Jellybean Addition

It's not technically March anymore, but since the NCAA tournament is still going on, I thought I'd share my bracket.  No, not that bracket.  I'm not much of a basketball fan, but my husband and his family all watch basketball all. day. every. day…..seriously.  So of course we all make brackets and compete with each other…thanks Arizona for securing a big fat loss for me this year, btw.  

I would much rather spend my time on something I feel passionate about- like candy.  I have been on the hunt for a few years now for the perfect jellybean, and yes, I am being completely honest here.  Full disclosure, I am a candy addict.  And proud of it.   I love chewy/fruity/juicy candy, so jellybeans are pretty much the trifecta.  

This year, I focused specifically on what I consider to be Easter jellybeans.  No special flavor themes like "tropical" or "spiced", these are all for the original flavors.  I disqualified Jellybellys because I don't consider them Easter specific, you can find those bad boys at all times of the year, trust me on this.  I chose 4 teams for the selective tourney- Starburst, Sweet Tart, Jolly Rancher, and Brach's.  Judging was completed by a highly trained candy professional- me.  The scores were determined by highly specific statistical analysis of the following categories:

1. Flavor Variety
2. Flavor Quality
3. Texture ie. chewiness vs hard shell factor

And drumroll please….the results!

It was a tough battle this year.  Sweet Tart succumbed to Starburst in the first round due to lack of flavor variety.  Brach's played a shut out against Jolly Rancher who failed to achieve greatness in any category.  It was a battle to the end between Brach's and Starburst.  The elusive black licorice jellybean including in Brach's original was the secret weapon, but ultimately not strong enough to defeat the mouth-watering red Starburst.  Starburst reigns victorious until the battle continues next year.  Congratulations to all Starburst flavors, its quite the accomplishment!


  1. Where is the LOVE button?? LOL Best post ever written! ;)

  2. Love it! Starburst jellybeans are soooo good. I might have to run to Target and get some this weekend!

  3. Too cute! But, I'm not a jellybean person in the least! :)

  4. NOM! Love jelly beans. I heard there were some nerds jelly beans this year. You'll have to try those sometime!

  5. Um, this is hilarious and awesome. I always got Starburst jelly beans growing up, and I agree - they are delicious. Brachs are kinda icky...remind me of old people candy. haha. Where do jelly bellys fit in?! :)

  6. I definitely agree with the results of this contest. I love jellybeans of all sorts though...even Brach's. (-:


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