Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Week 23

Lots of round ligament pain this week as the belly seems to be finally growing more.  The unpleasant GI stuff continues, which was to be expected.  I have noticed my heart starting to race for no reason too, which is so weird.  It's not all bad though, my hair and nails are growing like crazy!

Stretch marks?
No!  Still oiling up every day though. 

Food cravings?
I mostly crave fruit.  I bought some more grapes and am devouring them, also strawberries and mangoes are tasting awesome.  I had a serious craving for ANYTHING lemon this week and made a pan of lemon bars, bought lemon yogurt, lemonade, and some lemon hard candy.

Oh yes, I can definitely feel it.  I will have loooong stretches of nothing though, but then it always starts up again.  I think the kicking is rather uncomfortable to be honest, but its reassuring. 

Meh.  I did some more yoga, another barre class, and some walking.  I did run a little and then felt awful afterwards. I'd like to be more active than I have been lately, but I think most of it will have to be in the form of walking.

I usually am ready for bed by 9 and fall asleep right away.  I can usually make it through the night with only 1 bathroom break, but I do sort of toss and turn from side to side throughout the night.  My hips get really sore if I don't put a pillow between my knees!


Maternity clothes? 
I got a couple of workout tops that aren't maternity, but they have drawstrings at the bottom and do the job.  Seriously so ready for hot weather so I can wear dresses!

what I miss? 
I have really been missing hard workout and running long distances.  It's weird not training for any races this summer, I am already picking out some that I want to run after the baby comes!


  1. Lookin' great! That top is super cute!

  2. You look fabulous! A distinctive bump, for sure!


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