Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Week 22

This week has been a little rough.  I feel more like I did in the first trimester and I'm not really loving that.  Also, like I mentioned yesterday, I had an incredibly rough night over the weekend with terrible abdominal pain and cramping (all GI related- which I knew) and I'm getting more and more frustrated trying to manage my chronic illness while pregnant.

Like I said, lots of unpleasant symptoms this week.  Holy heartburn!  Omg, TUMS are my best friend. I've had nausea and fatigue all week too.  The belly is growing, but so slowly.  Even though it isn't big, I feel so much more limited in all the ways I can bend and move.  Whatever hasn't expanded out to the front has definitely filled up all of the room in my abdomen- its rock hard!

Stretch marks?
No!  Still oiling up every day though. 

Food cravings?
Nothing really this week.  I'm having hard time eating enough because I eat a normal sized meal and then stay SO FULL for hours on end. I can barely eat at all by dinner time :( 

Definitely more movement!  Mark was able to feel a couple kicks too! 

Still doing some prenatal yoga, some barre, some walking the dog, and some elliptical at the gym. I am loving being able to walk outside after dinner!

It's funny, I'm really not that big yet at all but I feel like I need at least 2 pillows to keep me in a comfortable position while I sleep.  Lying flat on my back is definitely not comfortable anymore, but I keep waking up like that!


Maternity clothes? 
I LOVE that I can finally wear some of my summer stuff!  I can't wait for sundress weather!  I did find my running shorts to be a little tight in the waist though, anyone have any suggestions for athletic shorts?? 

what I miss? 
I momentarily missed a mimosa at brunch on Sunday, but my plain orange juice was just as satisfying.  


  1. You look lovely lady! I'm sorry you weren't feeling well over the weekend. Hopefully whatever it is will leave you alone.


  2. You look amazing!! I hope this week is a better one!!

  3. I'm sorry you haven't been feeling well! You look adorable though! :) And being able to get outside and walk is AMAZING, isn't it? FINALLY!

  4. I hope you start feeling better soon! I have found that ordering an oj/sprite mixture when we go to brunch makes me almost as happy as a mimosa. :)

  5. You look so good!!! Sorry about not feeling the best...I hope you start feeling better soon!!! I feel like I always ate while pregnant...and after too since I'm nursing. My appetite is still HUGE...but I love food so I don 't complain :)

  6. So sorry to hear you aren't feeling well. I can't imagine dealing with chronic illness on top of being pregnant. You are a trooper! Hope things improve soon.


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