Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Week 20

Whoa! Halfway there, that is amazing!  By far the best part of the week was finding out we're having a GIRL. 

I feel like this weeks picture makes my bump look way bigger.  It was at the end of the day after eating so I'm sure that helped!

Really awful back/neck pain.  It has been radiating down both arms and into my chest even.  At times, the pain is so intense that I feel sick.  

Stretch marks?

Food cravings?
Not really.  I have been trying to eat more since I found out that I'm only up 2 pounds from my pre-pregnancy weight.  I don't weigh myself at home and haven't looked at the scale at my doctor's office since my 8 week appt.  I'm having a hard time eating more though because I seem to eat a normal sized meal and then stay uncomfortably full for hours.  I guess I'm trying more calorie dense foods now.  Yesterday I asked Mark if we could go out for ice cream "a few times a week" this summer!

Still not quite sure, but I'm pretty certain that I can feel little jabs here and there.  I have an anterior placenta which I guess makes it more difficult to feel movement. 

I only went for a few walks this week, didn't really feel much like exercising, so I'm just listening to my body on that one.  I was extremely tired all week due to not sleeping because of my back pain. 

GIRL!!! GIRL!!!! GIRL!!!

Maternity clothes? 
I still feel like I don't really NEED to wear maternity clothes, but they are sooo much comfier.  I can't wait to wear  dresses this summer!

what I miss? 
Not too much, I guess sleeping well though. 

I'm linking up today with Kristin for Baby Talk!


  1. I am on my second pregnancy with an anterior placenta placement! When I was pregnant with Avery I didn't feel movement until about 24 weeks. And then I sometimes wouldn't feel her for a couple days at a time because she was so cushioned! Which made for many additional trips to the doctor to make sure everything was good. Which it always was. But this time I can feel her all. the. time. Like she beats me up sometimes! haha, so you never know how much you will be able to feel with an anterior placenta!

    And congrats again on having a girl! :)

  2. The neck/back pain sounds awful :( I hope you feel some relief soon!

  3. You're so tiny still! I have been starved, so I'm sure you'll hit that point eventually. Yay for baby girls!! Congrats!


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