Thursday, February 27, 2014

Weeks 8-10

Week 8: This week has been quite scary.  I had bad cramping going on for a few days, and then on Friday afternoon, I started bleeding. Of course this happened about an hour before my yoga class that I teach, so I had to cancel it, which made me feel terrible.  To make the situation more stressful, I was supposed to leave for California the next day.  I got ahold of the doctor, who assured me that some women experience this and end up being fine.  Of course, it can also be a sign of miscarriage.  She said that unless I was bleeding a certain amount (she gave me all the details but its kind of gross to post about) that it was probably breakthrough bleeding.  She told me that if it did not get any worse that night, I should go on my trip but not to do anything too physical.  I didn't want to scare my mom by canceling the trip, and I figured she would be there anyway if things got worse.  I had no more bleeding the next few days, but it started again on Tuesday after I decided to go for a short walk (see the picture below.)  It was gone by Wednesday though, and has not returned, fingers crossed.  The whole time I was just praying that I would make it home by the time anything worse happened.  Obviously, it kind of killed the mood of the trip.  I am hoping this doesn't happen every time I try to do some form of exercise, that would to be really tough for me.

Week 8
Week 9:  Apparently I forgot to take a picture this week.  I had another instance of bleeding while I was at work on Tuesday.  I called the doctor, who had me come in for an ultrasound and appointment the next day, so I was seen Wednesday morning.  Everything checked out just fine, the heartbeat is strong at 175 and the growth seems normal, except that they pushed my due date up 2 days, so now its 8/18.  Other than the bleeding, this week has been pretty ok.  I am still sooooo tired, I can barely stay awake past 8:30.  I do feel like eating more though, but now I'm craving mostly sweets like ice cream, cookies, candy, and pudding…not that I'm complaining.  The best part of this week has been telling more people.  I finally told my boss and co-workers, who were all very nice and excited about it.  Ideally, I could have waiting longer to tell people at work, but since my job does include eating/cooking with patients, I wanted my boss to be aware of my food aversions/things I can't have anymore.  I told a few more of my girlfriends too.  I'm trying to tell all of my friends in person, and next week I will be able to tell even more of them.  One of my good friends is finally moving back to MN from NJ, so we are ALL getting together for happy hour…perfect timing to tell them all!

Week 10: Wow, this picture really demonstrates how much I need to get my hair highlighted, yikes.  I know its not the easiest to see with what I'm wearing, but I still have no bump at all.  I kind of wish it would just happen!  I was able to tell more friends this week, which has been fun, but also difficult knowing that one of them is really struggling with endometriosis.  I have had some nausea this week, but mostly fatigue.  I have had some AWFUL colon spasms/cramping at night.  Let me tell you, having a chronic illness on top of pregnancy is not a fun experience.  Especially when I can't manage my symptoms with the medications I was on, or use my implanted device any longer. I knew this would be an issue though, and its something I thought a ton about before trying to get pregnant.  I have not had any more bleeding, thank the Lord!  I have been walking a little at the gym and got a prenatal workout DVD to do at home, its nice to be up and moving a little bit more now.  My appetite is much better, still having a hard time finding things that sound good though.  My aversions are chicken, pork, seafood, anything warm/hot like soup, tea, hot chocolate…and some other random stuff. It really depends on the moment.

Week 10


  1. You are so adorable...I can't wait to finally see your baby bump, too!!

  2. Yay! You are going to be the best mama! Already so protective over the little one!

  3. It is very scary when you bleed at any time during pregnancy...I did at the beginning, but that was it. So glad to hear everything was good!!!

  4. Ugh! How scary! Glad everything is ok!!


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