Monday, February 24, 2014

Finding Out // Telling Mark

First of all, THANK YOU so much to everyone who congratulated us on the pregnancy!  I am blown away by the support!

I have several baby-posts already written and ready to go.  I am SO glad that I can finally hit publish and stop worrying that I will accidentally publish them and give away the secret!  I'll try to get caught up to current time quickly, so here we go:

(Written Dec 13)
Finding Out:
Whaaaaaat?!  I don't even know where to begin.  Here's a little known secret: Mark and I have been trying to get pregnant for awhile now.  My doctor diagnosed me with unspecified infertility in November.  I had a hysterosalpingogram about a month ago which showed that my "lady parts" were working fine.  I was supposed to go on clomid when I got my next period (should have started today.)  Instead, I work up at took 3 POSITIVE pregnancy tests!  I literally could. not. believe. my. eyes.  I found out almost 3 hours ago, now I am writing this.  I haven't even told Mark yet.  I plan on doing that tonight…so don't worry, by the time you read this in 7-ish weeks, he will be in the know.   I just got off the phone with my Ob/Gyn and scheduled a 1st trimester "pregnancy class" and an 8 week appointment.  I also just got off the phone with my Gastroenterologist who instructed me to tell her right away if I became pregnant since she will need to follow me more closely for the next 9 months.  WTF? How is this happening?  I know was I trying to make it happen…but still, how?!

Telling Mark:
After the initial shock wore off (haha, right) I headed to Target in a daze and wandered around there trying to think about all of the cute ways I've heard that other people let their husband in on this kind of news.   I was blanking.  Should I buy a onesie?  Some tiny baby shoes?  No…I decided that I wanted our first baby purchase to be made together.  I finally ended up in the Christmas isle and had an epiphany to get an ornament to write the news on.  I chose this one, mostly because its a relatively flat surface so that my handwriting won't look like the impending fetus wrote it.

Not only did I have to wait for Mark to get home from work, but I was teaching yoga that evening.  My class starts around the time Mark is done with work, so I had to delay a bit more.  As I drove home from the yoga studio, my heart was pounding!  I got home, saw his car in the garage, grabbed my ornament (that I took with me so he wouldn't find it) and headed inside.  Mark was just getting ready to take Shay for a run, but I couldn't wait any longer.  I told him that I got a new ornament that day and asked if he wanted to see it.  At first he just looked at the front, so I had to tell him to look at the back of it.  He flipped it over and found this:

He paused, looked at me and said "you're pregnant?" in a very nonchalant way that is his typical way of responding to anything that I flip out over.  I think I said something like…"umm, yeah I guess so…apparently."  Then he just says "sweet!" and takes the dog for a run anyway.  Not before I made him look at the 3 sticks I peed on though, which he insisted was unsanitary.  Anyway, he now has the "pregnant dad" app on his phone and is reading the chapter for dads in the book I bought.  Mark never has big responses to anything, so this is exactly what I expected.  He is very excited though and the next morning when we woke up, his first words were "you're going to be good mom" which made me feel terrified and all warm and squishy too.  


  1. HAHAHAAHAHA! So cute!!!

    I'm pretty sure that' how my husband will react when the time comes.

    So exciting lady, love the ornament.

  2. What a sweet way of sharing the news with Mark! :) And you ARE going to be the best Mom!!!!

  3. I love how you choose to tell Mark!!! So adorable!!! Congrats again!!!

  4. So excited for you two!!! Maybe we'll have to start a sub-group of Minnesota Bloggers called Minnesota Blogger Moms!

  5. Love this!! It made me tear up a little bit. I love that you wanted the first baby purchase to be together - enjoy those moments :)

  6. BAH!!!! I love this so very very very much! We were trying to get pregnant around Christmas, and I totally wanted to get Jake an ornament to tell him, but we ended up a month too late for that. HAHA! So cute! Congrats again!!!

  7. This is such awesome news. Congrats! Yours is definitely not the first pregnancy I've heard of following that painful imaging test. Crazy how that works! Enjoy!!!

  8. Aww! Love how you told him! I couldn't wait so I just told him I was taking a test and had him look at the results- ha!

  9. awwww so sweet. My boyfriend is the same way. I always tell him he is too emotionless for me since he never gets overly excited or upset about things haha but I guess it balances us out right :)

  10. I love this so much! I am SOOOO excited for you two and can't wait to get together so we can talk about ALL the details! :)


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