Tuesday, February 11, 2014

A day in my life

I've seen several people write these posts and I always love reading them, so here is my own version.

I have a pretty variable schedule between my regular job and teaching yoga, and each day at work is totally different depending on what day it is.  I have a totally different schedule each day,  so I am writing just about what Monday looked like this week.

6:30-8am:  Wake up, let Shay out, feed Shay, eat breakfast, get ready for the day.  I could easily get ready for work in 20 minutes, but I have to wake up so early to "manage" my GI disorder.  I won't go into detail here, but its a huge pain.  I usually eat toast/cereal/yogurt/or oatmeal for breakfast.  On Monday, I had oatmeal with peanut butter and some apple.

8:30-9am: Get to work, prepare for groups and patients. (Wouldn't it be awesome if it actually looked like this outside?)

9am: Lead adult group therapy.

10am: Individual patient appointment.  I snuck some time to eat a cliff bar before seeing her.

11am: Lead adolescent group therapy.

12am: Attend treatment planning for our residential unit.

1-2pm: Eat lunch and work on my documentation from the morning.  I brought the rest of my apple from breakfast and an asian salad.  I also bought 5 boxes of girl scout cookies from a co-worker in this time.  I definitely broke into the thin mints for dessert.

2-4pm:  Weekly occupational therapy staff meeting and more documentation.  And more thin mints.

4-6pm: Evaluate a new patient and another individual patient appointment.

6-7pm: Finish documentation for the day.  Also, more thin mints.

7-8:30pm: Drive home, eat dinner, stuff around the house.  Sometimes Mark waits for me to eat dinner, sometimes he eats on his own.  We had dinner together this day while watching the Olympics on TV. Dinner was leftover pasta with red sauce/peppers/mushrooms. Usually I'll clean up the kitchen or fold laundry at night.  I try to do at least one cleaning chore each day.

9pm:  Watch Downton Abbey with Mark.  We usually watch something together at the end of the day while we lay on the couch in the basement with Orlando and Shay.  This is my favorite thing to do because I have a heating pad on that couch that feels amazing at the end of the day.  Orlando and Shay LOVE it too.

10pm:  I am usually in bed by 10…but honestly, sometimes its a lot earlier.

So most of my Mondays and Tuesdays are taken up with work because I work 10 hours both of those days.  I never work out these days because I'm way too tired by the time I get home.  I get my workouts in throughout the rest of the week and do any social stuff other nights as well.  My work schedule is based on our census/need for the rest of the week, and of course I have my yoga classes as well.  I'll have to do another post to cover what those days are like!

Well, thats what my Monday looks like.  It can be a long day, but I love what I do and I love who I get to work with everyday, so it never seems that bad!


  1. oh girlfriend, 10pm is ambitious for me. I totally sometimes am OUT by like 9:20!!

  2. Sounds like a long day! I love that you added 'and more thin mints.' I've definitely been adding those to my daily routine too! Now I don't feel quite so guilty... :)

  3. I do love reading about people's days. I'm so excited for you that you've been able to teach yoga more :) I wish I still lived in the cities, but when I come back - even for a visit - I'm going to try and get to one of your classes. Also, that picture of your little family is the best.

  4. Holy moly you squeeze a lot in....my day is like "email client, check blogs, answer phone call, check facebook..." LoL!


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