Thursday, February 13, 2014

Happy Valentine's Day!

I always have to laugh on Valentine's day because people call it the "Hallmark" holiday and my husband's name is Mark Hall, get it…Hall-Mark, Mark-Hall?!  So I always joke that I get to spend the day with the one the day was named for!

Anyway, not to get all sappy or anything, but celebrating this day with my husband for 5 years has really been so great.  We don't do anything fancy, but we have our own traditions.  I always bake him a red velvet cake, which is his favorite!

And he always gets me flowers and chocolate/candy.  We don't exchange big gifts, its all about the little things for us on Valentine's day.  I have gotten pretty creative in the past though, this was one of his favorite gifts:

Another one of our traditions is getting Chinese take-out for Valentine's day.  It all started one year when I brought it home instead of cooking a nice dinner like I had in the past.  Chinese is Mark's favorite thing to eat, so I decided to just get him his favorite meal instead of cooking something.  I guess it stuck, because we always do that now!

This year will be a little different for us though.  Mark and I are heading to San Diego on Saturday, so I did not make the cake.  I figured we didn't need to eat an entire cake the week before going on vacation- since daily ice cream is mandatory on my vacations.  We also aren't getting Chinese because Mark has to drive our dog down to his parents house after work and won't be home until late.  I will be teaching yoga, so I can't go with.  It is kind of sad not being able to actually spend much time together this year, but we will have plenty of time to make up for it next week!


  1. OMG! Mark Hall! That is so frickin funny! Have a GREAT time in San Diego...and if you want to bake the cake and bring me the leftovers before you leave, I'd be fine with that! Red Velvet is my favorite too!!!

  2. I just discovered red velvet for the first time recently. 30 years and I had never had it. I had nook idea what I was missing. Delicious stuff. Enjoy San Diego. It's one of my favorite cities.


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