Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Weeks 5-7.

I guess as a blogger, I'm supposed to do these "bump dates" now, right?!  I think I'll just write about my symptoms so far.  Thinking about pea sized baby growing a tiny heart and circulatory system freaks me out at the moment. Also, I think I'll take a cue from the other ladies who write these things and combine the first couple weeks.

Week 5:  I've mostly been freaked out that I already did something wrong to screw this whole thing up.    I'm researching what I can/can't do & eat like crazy.  I have had pretty bad cramping ever since finding out, so I called my doctor and she had me come in to make sure it wasn't an ectopic pregnancy.  I had an ultrasound with that wand thing which showed a small "fluid filled sac" with no yolk or heartbeat.  Umm, hearing the words "no heartbeat" was pretty terrifying.  They should probably let you know ahead of time that they don't expect to see one that early on.  They also told me that they could neither confirm nor deny that there was a baby in there. Anyway, I have to go back next week for another ultrasound to see if there is anything in there.  I also had labs done, which have to be done every other day until they can confirm that my hormones are rising appropriately.  I definitely feel like they are though, because I have been exhausted, nauseous, hungry and then suddenly NOT hungry.  The other symptom I am having is severe tailbone pain. It's all going to be ok though, I'm sure I will find all of these complaints completely worth it.  The only thing I've had a craving for is cinnamon toast, so random.  So delicious.

Week 5

Week 6:  This week was not fun, and unfortunately it was the week of Christmas.  Getting through 2 Christmas parties sans-alcohol with friends was tough because I had to keep making excuses.  I had to skip my work party altogether because it was at a brewery and I didn't see any way out of that one.  I was really sick all week, so nauseous and fatigued.  Plus the tailbone pain.  The doctor wanted me back for another US since they really couldn't confirm anything last week.  This week, again, showed no heartbeat.  The doctor was really good though and assured me that everything was fine, she just thinks I'm up to a week earlier than we originally though.  I go back in 2 week for my first real appointment.  We told our families at Christmas, which we were really torn about given the whole no heartbeat thing.  We decided to tell them because 1. there is no way my family would not notice me abstaining from the wine, and 2. my mom left for California for the  rest of the winter the day after Christmas and we wanted to tell everyone at the same time.  We found cheesy ornaments that said BABY on them, and gave them to our parents to open up after everything else had been opened.  Except that my sister was still opening a present, which turned out to be a spoon rest of all things.  It was pretty comical because we're all "we're having a baby!" and she's like "hey, I got a spoon rest!"  It was good comic relief though, because I get very uncomfortable being the center of attention and was kind of dreading this moment because I just hate being in the spotlight.  As far as symptoms go, its just feeling gross all the time and NOTHING sounds good to eat.  I can basically eat different types of bread and thats it.  Hoping this goes away soon.

Week 6

Week 7: A new week AND a new year!  Celebrating NYE's sure is different when your 7 weeks pregnant.   We did nothing to celebrate other than going to Fuddruckers because I was craving a chocolate shake and a burger.  This week I've expanded my food intake from only bread to bread plus junk food.  I feel terrible about this and I always thought I'd eat super healthy while pregnant, because I already eat really healthy- but I just can't stomach anything remotely resembling a vegetable or a lean protein, eww.  The weird symptom I have this week is that I seem to have a smell "stuck" in my nose or in my nose's memory.  I smell chicken soup everywhere.  Everywhere!  It is completely grossing me out.  First of all, I strongly dislike 99% of chicken and always have.  Gross.  Secondly, I once got very sick from chicken soup in Guatemala and that memory is not helping!  I am doing everything I can to stop smelling this- lighting candles, smelling essential oils, avoiding the cafeteria at work, etc.  This will all be comical at some point I'm sure, but OMG please go away.
Week 7

P.S. I know these pictures are terrible.  The problem is that I keep changing into my pjs before Mark gets home, and then I don't want to take a picture…so I'm left using the timer setting on my phone.  I will do better in the future.


  1. you look cute! :) Love the bump dates!

  2. Ahhh yay for bumpdates!! I remember the days of heightened smelling ability and wanting to be in PJs 24/7!! No need to apologize for that, you stay comfortable haha! Glad that the scary first few weeks are behind you!

  3. Ohmygosh...my sense of smell intensified to the extreme when I was pregnant. I can STILL smell some of the things that would set me off while pregnant....ice-cream, cinnamon candles, lots of different foods...ect. And they were all smells that I generally didn't mind when I wasn't pregnant...but, can now make me gag!

    You are looking fabulous, mama!!

  4. YAY! :) I love bumpdates. And OMG! Veggies. Gross. HAHAHAHA I couldn't eat them for almost my whole pregnancy. Hopefully you get past that quicker than I did!! Oh and smells. I would want to vomit every time I got in an elevator or a parking garage. GROSS!

  5. I could NOT eat a drop of meat or vegetables the entire time I was pregnant. The first trimester I LIVED on Pasta Roni White Cheddar Shells, as in had them for dinner EVERY NIGHT and would buy 10 boxes at a time when I was grocery shopping.

  6. I was the same way with weekly bump photos...Tate would get home after I was already in my PJ's...but I would change quick and then go right back to them :) I had no other way of getting the photos!! I could stomach meat or veggies either...so weird that it's so common!


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