Friday, February 28, 2014

Weeks 11-13

Week 11- Oh no, I forgot to take a picture again.  It seems sort of silly to pose for a picture when I really have no bump to show at all, but I do feel like I look a little like I just ate a big meal, so I will start trying harder.  This week is a lot of the same.  Nausea is almost gone, mostly I am just really tired.  My boobs are ginormous, or as Mark says, they are "monstrous."  One awesome thing that happened this week is that my co-worked brought in ALL of her old maternity clothes for me.  She was about to sell them to a consignment shop, but I told her I would buy them from her if they fit.  Pretty much everything did fit with the exception of a few items.  I got SO many tops, dresses, 2 pairs of jeans, 3 pairs of office appropriate pants, a skirt, and a bathing suit, all priced between 2-6$.  ALL of this only cost me 100$, and I don't think I'll have to buy anything else for everyday wear.  I still will need a few tops for yoga and a dress for a wedding, but still…this saved me SO much money! This pile is only about half of the clothes!  Is it bad if I already want to wear all of it? I can fit into most of my clothes still, but these are way comfier!

Week 12:  I do feel that my tummy is protruding out a little bit now, buts its definitely that awkward "did she just have a burrito?" stage.  Then again, some days I don't notice it there at all…so maybe I did just eat a burrito.  I had my first baby dream, actually I think I had 3 separate baby dreams in one night because I kept waking up and falling asleep again.  I don't remember much, but I do know that the first dream was about having twins, which we are NOT having! I am craving sweets like crazy, and have been giving in to most cravings.  Confession- I bought 5 boxes of Girl Scout cookies yesterday.  I am really trying to keep it in check though, plus I workout in some capacity most days.  I still do not want chicken/meat, hot food/beverages like soup, hot chocolate, tea..etc.  Some types of breads are grossing me out too. 

Week 13:  Wow!  I can't believe how fast this is all going!  I had the first trimester screening done at 13w1d, which included the nuchal translucency test, looking for the nasal bone, and some blood work. The labs will come back in about 10 days, but everything on the ultrasound looked great and the doctor does not feel that there will be any abnormalities with the labs.  We are leaving for San Diego soon and I will be spending week 14 in the sun!  I am still very exhausted.  Sometimes I feel like I have more energy in the morning, but by about 2-3pm, I am totally wiped out.  I'm still walking at the gym and doing my workout dvd.  Eating is ok, a lot of stuff just doesn't sound that good, but as soon as I see a commercial for a food item or hear someone talking about it, I instantly crave it!  As long as it isn't chicken, soup, warm beverages, or certain breads.  By certain breads I mean stuff along the lines of crescent rolls, or anything that comes in one of those pressurized canisters.  Just can't do it.  I am a total freak right now about cheddar cheese rice cakes though…omg yum. 


  1. Just adorable. Can't wait to see your little bump in person sometime next week!! Happy Weekend, Katie :-)

  2. Definitely start wearing maternity if it feels better! Better to wear it now when it feels better than to wait and suffer with your non-maternity clothes!

  3. EEK! Maternity clothes are so fun! You wear whatever feels comfy to you! :)


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