Sunday, December 1, 2013

Wishbones and Beer

Going back to work after a holiday is tough, isn't it? I'd rather just extend the weekend a few more days.  But since that won't work, I'll just recap my whole weekend for your reading pleasure.

Strangely enough, both my sister and I were in town for Thanksgiving this year with our husbands.  Usually one of us is with the in-laws, but we were all working on Friday so stayed in town.  We had a good dinner with all the traditional stuff, which includes breaking the wishbone.  She won this year, but immediately after this picture, she grabbed her side with both hands.  I'm pretty sure that's cheating, and I'm pretty sure cheating on the Thanksgiving wishbone battle doesn't give you good karma.   Just saying.

Like I said, I had to work on Friday and I taught my yoga class after work.  We left right after my class to head down to Mark's parents house, which is in rural Southern MN.  We got in pretty late, so basically went to bed.  On Saturday morning, we made lefse for a couple of hours.  It turned out delicious, btw.  The whole crew (including Mark's 95 year old grandma) headed to New Ulm in the afternoon to tour the Schell's brewery.  Our friend Anna was able to join us too, which was a great treat because she lives in San Francisco and we only see her every couple of years.


 I love being out in the country, it's so pretty and simple.  I loved living in a small town when I was in college and truthfully, Mark and I would move to a small town in a heartbeat if our jobs allowed.  

We picked up our Christmas tree on Sunday afternoon, but I was too tired to decorate it.  I'll try to get to that sometime this week!  I hope everyone had a lovely holiday weekend and that you're all getting into the Christmas spirit!

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