Thursday, December 12, 2013

Decking the Halls!

I absolutely love decorating our house for Christmas!  Plus every year I joke about "decking the Halls" because our last name is Hall…get it?!  Christmas is my favorite holiday, but of course here in Minnesota, that means lots of snow and freeeeezing temperatures (yesterday it got all the way up to 3 degrees), so decorating the house and celebrating the season is the only way to get through! 
I apologize for the terrible quality of these pictures.  I actually do own a nice camera, but I can't get to it at the moments.  We are getting new carpet in 5 rooms this weekend, so our house is in shambles in every other place you don't see pictured.  

The Tree: No fake trees around here!  I just can't do it!

A few favorite ornaments.  We always buy Christmas ornaments when we go on vacation, even if we've been there before, so here are a few from our travels this year!

New this year:



The living room:

I always use this card holder, we only have 2 cards so far though!  Usually I have to stuff them in there by Christmas!

Dining room:  I have a thing for Scandinavian Christmas decor, so this garland always goes up!

Lets Get Bananas


  1. Love that ornament collection - that harp is gorgeous!

  2. I need a card holder BADLY! My string is pretty ghetto and looks awful.

    Everything looks great!

    Thanks for linking up with us!

  3. A wreath card holder?! I've been needing a place to display all of my cards! This is so perfect!


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