Thursday, December 19, 2013

Christmas Gifts for a Yogi

I totally hate shopping…I know, I know.  Freak of nature.  However, yoga stuff is the one thing I could shop for all day.  Here is my ultimate Christmas list for a yoga lover!

I feel like people are always hesitant to use props in a class, but I swear to you, using a prop is an excellent way to practice a pose with proper alignment, which is the only way you will improve because you'll feel what the pose is actually supposed to feel like!  I use a block all the time and always encourage my students to do the same.  This is the block I have, I love that it feels really sturdy.

In addition to a block, I find a good quality bolster to be absolutely essential!  Again, this is the one I have and I use it all. the. time.  It is super helpful in poses done on the ground and I use it in almost every single one of my yin poses.  Btw, a good yoga studio should have all of these props available for your use during classes, I just like to have them at home also.

I prefer to carry my mat in a bag that can fit other stuff too.  I always have extra clothes, water, or yoga books in mine.

These are the most comfy & cozy blankets on the planet!  You will be in love!

Yoga Clothes

There can be a lot of controversy over this.  Some yogis love Lululemon everything and some hate the idea of wearing something so obscenely priced, some won't wear anything not made from organic/recycled/sustainable/local resources.  I'm somewhere in the middle. I think a lot of Lululemon stuff is cute, but I find that Athleta and Lucy brands fit me much better, plus they aren't quite as expensive.  I haven't had much success in the recycled/local…etc. department, probably because I don't care quite enough to go looking for stuff that is actually comfortable and flattering and fits all these requirements.  Here are some things that I do like:

I love These pants.   I live in mine.

All of Athleta's seamless tops are SUPER comfy.  I could wear them all day long…I have done that, now that I think of it. 

To-and-from studio clothes are a must.  I also live in this top.  You can wear it to lounge in, to your yoga class, out to dinner, and even to work.

A mala is sort of like a rosary for yogis.  It has 108 beads and one center piece.  They are used for a variety of things, such as for counting 108 sun salutations or 108 mantras.  

If you're looking for a book on yoga, look no further than Judith Lasater.  Any teacher will likely tell you that she is completely awesome, and we all have secret girl-crushes on her.  I really love this book- it gives you just one short snippet to read every day. She is able to put so much wisdom into so few words.  This purchase is totally worth it- as are any of her books.

And there you have it.  Happy shopping, you last minute shoppers!

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  1. I have a block, pants and a new mat on my list!


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