Monday, October 14, 2013

Lovely Weekend

I had a nice little weekend at home.  Friday night, we just stayed in and watched a movie- Life of Pi.  I am such a sucker for animal movies and this was no different.

I went to the gym on Saturday and am still sore from lifting weights, I guess it had been awhile!  Mark and I went to the Summit Brewery for a tour in the afternoon.  We sampled a couple of their beers after the tour, which was a little long in my opinion.  Let's be honest, we were really just interested in the samples!  It was interesting to see though, especially since I had never been.

We headed further into St. Paul to grab a bite to eat at Cosetta, which was great!  I can't believe I had never been there before!

We decided to continue with the beer theme for the rest of the day and headed to Fulton.  We each sampled a beer there, then got a growler of Lonely Blonde to take home.  Our growler collection is growing steadily, we need more shelving actually!

Sunday morning was so much fun!  I taught yoga in the morning and 3 of my best friends came to the class!  In addition to the other 7 students there, it was the largest class I've had at the studio!  After yoga, another friend joined us and we walked down the street to Sun Street Breads for brunch.  It was great to hang out and plan a bunch of fun holiday stuff together!

Sunday afternoon was pretty relaxed.  I did my Bible study and made chili.  We spend Sunday evening watching TV on the couch.  It was just what I needed because I have a big week ahead of me, and it doesn't stop until next Monday!  Lets just fast forward, ok....?

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