Monday, October 21, 2013

Big Friday and Sleepy Weekend

Every couple of month of work, we put on a big program for families of the teenage patients we have.  Usually both parents come and any siblings that can make it.  They are there all day, from 7-4:30 doing an intensive therapy/education day with their you can imagine, it is quite stressful and tense for everyone.  I'll give you one guess who is in charge of representing the OT department and who gets to plan and present to the families? Thats right, me.  This day happened to be on Friday, which made for an incredibly early morning.  I felt like a nervous wreck all day even though I've done this program 3 times just never know how the parents will respond.  I always fear they are going to just glare at me from their chairs and not ask any questions.  Fortunately, I had a lot of parents (mostly dads) who participated a lot in the conversation.  I had one dad come up to me afterward and say how helpful it was, which made me feel much better.  I'm hoping it was helpful for more than just one dad,  but no one would have had a chance to tell me because I had to book it out of there FAST to make it to my yoga studio for my first Yin class!!

I got to the studio and fully expected no one to show up, but I had 3 students! Not bad for it being the first time this class was offered.  It can be so hard to read the students and know whether they like the class or not.  For some reason, people like to make an angry face while they do yoga.  I know that it's really them concentrating, but they look frowny.  Next time you take a yoga class, try to smile for the teacher if you like the class!  Anyway, everyone said the class was good and they wished it was longer, so that's a good sign.  Come to my class if you are in Minneapolis, I will give you details if you leave a comment!

As you can imagine, I basically crashed on Friday night.  Except that I couldn't sleep at all.  And then I had to work Saturday and Sunday, not really sleeping on Saturday night either.  Does anyone else ever get so exhausted that you can't sleep?  I think that is what happened.  I didn't do anything social this weekend since I was at work/trying to sleep. The good news is that I don't work another weekend until December!  So crazy!  I am not ready for winter yet!!

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