Friday, August 30, 2013

Fitness Friday- Training Update

I'm taking a little break from recapping my vacation today so that I can write an update on marathon training.  After all, it is Health & Fitness Friday and I missed it last week, so there is a lot to catch up on!  I'm going to break it into workouts, food, and thoughts!


First of all, I did my long run right before leaving for vacation 2 weeks ago now!  I did 15 miles in the morning and it was tough!  My route is pretty hilly (which is good because the TC Marathon has plenty of hills) but hills also tend to make my hip hurt.  Hills and running fast seem to be the main triggers, so I have been walking up a lot of the hills.

While we were on vacation, I did some running, but mostly was just super active in other ways.  I think I only ran 3-4 times, and the altitude really killed me!  You never think the altitude will make such a difference, then BAM!  Oh well, it was nice to take a week "off" and instead I just thought of it as a cross-training week.

Since we've been back, I did another long run of 15 miles.  I was supposed to go 17, but it has been in the 90s with super high humidity all week and I just couldn't make it.  I got at up 5 to beat the heat, but it didn't make much of a difference.  It also didn't help that I had been up all night with a sick puppy who was throwing up everywhere- gross.  He's fine now, just a weird 1 night thing.

I don't have a long run this weekend since I have to do my next one on Wednesday next week.  I work all next weekend, so doing it on my day off, Wednesday, is my only option.  It sure gets hard trying to schedule these runs, especially when I work 2 more weekends before the race.


Well, obviously I've been on vacation and eating has been a bit more indulgent.  I stocked up on fruits and veggies when we got home though and I've really been craving all that fresh produce.  We were going to go to the state fair this weekend, and eat ourselves silly, but other things have come up.  Our car ended up needing 2000$ in repairs yesterday, so I have declared a "fiscal freeze" for the long weekend- no spending money on anything, so no state fair.  Also, no grocery shopping, so this is going to be interesting as I try to create meals with only things we already have.  I am kind of excited about this actually, I just don't know how "healthy" they will be.


Wow, I really need to crack the 15 mile barrier.  This distance has been my most challenging in the last 2 marathons I've trained for also.  I know that you don't actually hit "the wall" until mile 19, but it sure feels like my wall is around mile 15.  Next week I really have to make it all 18 miles, I will totally psyche myself out if I don't make it.  Also, I am nervous about running so slow.  I know that my hip is way more important than getting a good time, but I just don't want to put all this work in and run a terrible (for me) time.  I know I won't PR and I am fine with that, but I'd still like a respectable time.  Is that so bad?

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  1. Good job girl! I dont know if I could ever run 15 miles! I hope one day though i can say i did!
    Come link up with us today on Friday Favorites!


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