Tuesday, September 17, 2013

A long hiatus and running update

Well, I am not really sure what happened there other than I got really busy and something had to give.  Of course, I am talking about updating my blog, which I know you all get up really early to read every morning.  Sometimes you just need a break though, right?

I am finally updating today because I am in bed, sick with the stomach flu or some other vile illness.  Not exactly what I had planned for today.  I started to feel it coming on last night, but after not getting any sleep last night, I still tried to get up for work.  I took a shower and had to get out, midway through-all soapy, because I was about the pass out.  SO yeah, I am not going to work today. My first time ever calling in sick at this job, but I feel like a total jerk.

Maybe I will finish recapping my CO vacation, maybe I won't.  I did have a really fun past weekend in Chicago and Indiana that I want to write about, but we'll see how much I can actually do today.  Looking at the bright computer screen is making me nauseous.  Ugh.

I do have some news though...I am once again an injured runner.  My hip (the side I had surgery on) started to hurt a lot in the last few weeks of marathon training.  I got up to the 18 miler, but I knew that it wasn't feeling right, so I decided to take a break and go back to the doctor.  He confirmed my suspicions that I may have something called femoroacetabular Impingement or FAI.  He doesn't really know though since I can't have MRI's and my Interstim implant obscures the x-ray, I do have all of the symptoms though.  Long news short is that he doesn't want me running the marathon.  He said I could become a good triathlete since I can bike and swim (and run some) but I shouldn't expect to do any more marathons.  Basically, I can be active and I can run, but I can't run 26.2 miles.

Obviously, this is upsetting.  I am trying to be positive though and remember that I have already run 2 and don't have anything to prove to myself or anyone else.  I can still work on shorter races and maybe even do half marathons.  I am getting a cortisone injection in my hip tomorrow, so we'll see how active I can be after that.  Plus, Mark and I have decided to go on a weekend trip the weekend of the marathon so that I don't have to be in town, so I can look forward to that.

Otherwise, I am doing lots of yoga and teaching lots of classes.  I will hopefully have a website soon with class info, but just ask me if you want to know.  I'm not going to post it on my blog because that sounds like a really good way for a creep to stalk me.


  1. Injuries runner oh no... That's the worst. Hoping that your body heals it self , and that you may still do the run!

  2. So sorry about your hip. But on the bright side you can still run and be active so that is good :) Hope the shot works out for you

  3. I am so sorry for the roadblock you've encountered with running. Great positive attitude you have, though. And feel better soon!

  4. So sorry about the sad running news! But on the positive side, I have to imagine that 26.2 miles and multiple marathons will just lead to people having tons of joint problems later in life, right? So you will be the one laughing when you're 50. ;) Keep you head up! And hope you are on the mend today.


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