Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Vacation Recap Day 6: Andechs, Germany!

We had a blast this day!  It might have been my favorite....if I had to pick only one. We started out with a beautiful gondola right up a mountain.  The scenery was unreal!  We could look out over the Alps and see our whole town below us.  There were also some pretty cool hang-gliders out for us to watch!

Mountain Yoga.  Duh.

Ski jump used in the 1936 Winter Olympics held in Garmsich-Partenkirchen

After our mountain expedition, Mark and I drove up to Andechs, which is a little over an hour north of Garmisch.  There is this really cool monastery there, which still functions with monks living on the grounds.  The monks actually brew beer and sell it there!  Real abbey ale from the abbey!  We decided to sample some when we got there, along with the most gigantic pretzel of all time!

The scenery in Andechs was really pretty, especially from the monastery that is set way up on a hill.

We saw A LOT of old churches on this trip, which always fascinate me, but the church at this monastery was my favorite!  It was really incredible, the pictures just don't do it justice at all.  I think it is one of the things I will remember most from our trip.

How pretty is that?  After we got back to Garmisch, we found a super yummy little restaurant (and had amaaaaazing currywurst!) then we finished up the day with a sunset and some time on our balcony.  It really was perfection.


  1. ahhh looks amazing... I want t go now!

  2. Love the mountain yoga :) And that pretzel!!!

  3. Your pictures are GORGEOUS!!!

  4. Awwwwwwww, that day actually DOES sound like perfection!! LOVE your mountain yoga pose photo!! ;-D


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