Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Memorial Day Weekend

How is it already the last week of May?  And more importantly, why does it still feel like March in Minnesota?!  Ugh, the weather this weekend was pitiful!  I guess I really lucked out when I got assigned to work Memorial Day weekend this year though, because I really don't feel like I missed a holiday at all with all the rain!

Mark was out of town, so I spent Friday evening golfing with my parents.  We played at their country club and had dinner there afterwards with some family friends.  I hadn't swung a club since breaking my hand last summer, but it definitely went better than expected, especially on such a hard course.

I spent Saturday, Sunday, and Monday at work, which was fine.  I don't mind working on the weekend at this job.  I get to hang out with some pretty inspiring patients there, but at times it can be very emotionally draining.  Sometimes I get home and I just want to lay in bed and watch  TV.  I still managed to get out for a walk with Shay around the lake near our house though.

On Monday night, Mark and I went out for dinner at Red Cow which was delicious!  It was a fun atmosphere and the food was great!!  I wanted to try everything on the menu, so we will definitely have to go back!  It's not too far from our house and they apparently have a great happy hour!

I hope y'all had a great Memorial Day weekend to kick off your summer!!  Let's hope it actually does become summer around here soon!


  1. Ill have to go check out the red cow! And why does the weather will stink?!! Common Minnesota!!

  2. Seriously....this weather...it's killing me!!


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