Friday, May 24, 2013

10 Non-Running Goals

If you read my post from last week, you know that I haven't been doing too much running.  I couldn't get in to see my hip surgeon until next Tuesday, so I am trying to take it a little easier until then.  I am still going out for a few miles here and there, but taking a lot more rest days in between.  Instead of focusing on the last week and my almost non-existent workouts, I am going to share with you some health and fitness goals I have for myself this summer.  Obviously, I have running goals.  Since I won't really know if these are possible until I have my hip checked out, I am just writing my non-running goals.

1. Go for more walks.  Each weekend I have in town, I'd like to take my dog for a walk around one of the 10,000 lakes in Minnesota.  Walking is a great way to get in some exercise without putting a lot of stress on your joints.  Plus, it is a good way to remind yourself that sometimes exercise doesn't have to be about sweating and burning calories, it can just be for some fresh air and stress relief!

2. Play 6+ rounds of golf.  This number will definitely go up if I am not running.  I love golf, but since it is SO time consuming, I think 2x per month is realistic.  I'm getting one of those in tonight!

3. Plan at least 1 long bike trip.  I have been so bad about using my road bike the last couple of summers, so this year we NEED to get out for a trip.  I am thinking maybe a ride on the Cannon Valley Trail.

4. Stick with a resistance training program. This is going to be hard without a gym membership, but I am determined!

5. Go to at least 1 outdoor yoga class per month.  There are several of these offered around the Twin Cities, but a lot of them are SUPER early in the morning.  Again though, it's something that will increase if I am not running.

6.  Grow something edible in my garden.  The only edible things we have right now are chives and mint, but I would really like it if I could grow at least one vegetable in the backyard!

7. Wear my bikini at least one time in public.  This seems like a strange goal, but I haven't felt confident enough about my body to wear a bikini in public since our honeymoon.  I avoid bikini-wearing-events like the plague, but this summer I'd really like to get over that.

8.  Perfect my gazpacho recipe.  I LOVE gazpacho in the summer time, it is SO refreshing and healthy!  Mark doesn't really like it though, so this summer I am determined to come up with a recipe that he can enjoy too!

9. Wear more sunscreen.  I really don't tan well, but I burn extremely well! I always wear sunscreen if I am laying out in the backyard, but I am terrible about putting on sunscreen when I am just out and about.  This summer, that has to change!

10.  Stay positive and injury free.  The most important thing really is protecting your body so that you can continue to be active throughout your life.  I know my hip might be putting a damper on things, but I would much rather be able to enjoy a range of activities later on than focus solely on running in my 20s.

Wow, that seems like a lot of goals for not even including running!  I hope I can follow through with these!  As always, linking up with Jen for Health and Fitness Friday!


  1. Great goals! Let me know if you ever need some company since I love to walk, golf and bike too! And I'm always available to serve as a Quality Assurance Manager on gazpacho. :-)

  2. What an AWESOME goal list!!!! I need to take more walls too. Addie loves walking her babies in her stroller so I should start heading out with her after dinner a few nights a week. I also love your goal about sunscreen...I have to be SERIOUS about sunscreen this year, but I hate being so pale. I did get a spray tan this week and it was fun to have color. If you want to feel better in your swimsuit...get a spray tan. I swear it makes high look ten pounds thinner. Hahaha! Thanks for linking up honey!! Good luck at the hip doc and be sure to keep us posted!!

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  4. These are GREAT goals. I love a nice stroll around Como Lake, especially when it ends with a treat from the ice cream place near our house. Let me know if you find any good gems.


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