Monday, January 27, 2014

Weekend in Fargo

Yes, in the dead of winter, we decided to spend the weekend in the only place possibly colder than Minneapolis- Fargo, ND.  Ugh.  

Mark's best friend lives in Fargo, and it was his 30th birthday, so I suppose it was well worth it.  We drove up on Saturday and hung out with him and his wife for the afternoon.  That night, a few more friends showed up, including Mark's other best friend and his wife from Fergus Falls.  They always have so much fun together, so I never mind braving the cold for him to get to be with his buddies.

We spent the night getting dinner and hanging out at a bar/grill/golf simulator in Fargo.  It was actually pretty cool.  This is how we Northerners keep our golf games sharp during the winter!

We brought Shay with us, which was really fun because our friends have a boxer, and the two of the played NON-STOP.

We somehow got them in a picture together after a few tries. 

After the golfing, another couple actually brought their boxer over too, so both of them kind of ganged up on Shay.  He didn't complain though, he was having the best night ever!

We stayed up way later than I normally make it, and unfortunately, also had to get up way earlier than normal.  There ended up being a bad blizzard all the was from Fargo to St. Cloud that we had to drive in, so we left while it was still dark.  It was kind of scary driving home, but we did have several people along the way who would have been happy to let us stay the night if needed.  We did make it home just fine, but were pretty exhausted!

Now, onto yet another -20 day/week!

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  1. Sounds like a fun weekend. Glad you didn't get caught in the storm. I'm from Elbow Lake and spent a lot of time in Fergus Falls growing up. :)


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