Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Hot and Cold

It's official.  Minnesota is literally too cool for school.  The temperature here has been absolutely freezing, so cold that all public schools were closed yesterday and most of them are closed today.  A lot of businesses have also been closed to prevent anyone from needing to go outside in the dangerously cold weather.  Of course, my job would never think of closing, healthcare doesn't ever get that option.  I had to work this past weekend though, which means I get a couple days off this week…praise the Lord!  To warm myself up in my poorly insulated house, I've been looking at pictures of warmer times and places.  I've also been keeping the oven on, which led to baking brownies, and then eating the brownies to build my fat stores to insulate my body…or at least that's how I justified it.  But that's neither here nor there.  What I'd like to share with you today are my memories of some of the hottest times and places I can remember in my life.  Ok, lets start.

An obvious choice, the equator in Ecuador.  Jeans were not the obvious clothing choice though.

They day I got badly sunburned on our honeymoon in Mexico

Building an orphanage in Belize.  In July.

Hiking in Chile

Sightseeing in Guatemala
Cruising the river in Thailand

Sunbathing in Jamaica

A volcano in Nicaragua

And despite all the Latin American travel, the hottest I ever remember being was running the Chicago marathon in 95 degrees. I smelled awesome afterward.

I have a couple other good ones, but I can't find the pictures.  Like the trip I took to Israel and Jordan in July!  Of course, we have lots of hot days in MN too, but they seem so far away at this point.  I hope everyone was able to warm up for a moment there.  Just don't go outside.  Actually, don't even look outside.  


  1. I wish I get to be off from the cold too! I am so jealous of my sister who is I high school, two days off their already two week winger break!

  2. Ha ha ha - this post is so cute. Thankfully, my face has thawed from my drive into work this morning, so I can smile!

  3. This too cool for school thing is really NOT so cool...my girls are itching to get back in the classroom and to see their friends.

    Thanks for these awesome pictures tho to help warm us up on yet another fridid day in MN!

  4. Ugh. So over this winter thing!!!!!

  5. My mom pulled up a picture of winter on the iPad and suddenly it just felt colder. So I'm all about not going outside, not looking outside - or even looking at pictures of the mess outside, either. It's not quite as cold here in MI as it is in MN, but it's definitely not mild either!


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