Monday, January 20, 2014

California Vacation Days 3-4

Happy Monday!  Or at least I hope its a happy Monday, it's always hard to tell how the day will go, especially on a Monday morning!  I'm bringing the 2nd half of my mini-vacation to you today in recap form, so hopefully the beach pictures help with the whole "happy" thing.

Monday morning started out beeeaaauuutiful.  This big aircraft carrier was out in the ocean in front of the condo when I woke up, and the sunrise was really pretty, the picture  really doesn't do it justice.

After watching the ship for awhile, my mom and I decided to drive into San Diego to get some fresh squeezed juice from a juice bar near downtown.  This was so yummy!  Mine was a bunch of citrus fruit and cayenne pepper.  We also got these "detox" elixir shots.  They were…interesting.  But good. 

We saw my aunt for lunch that day and did a little shopping in the afternoon before we came back to the condo to relax and watch the Sunset.  It was a good one!

The next morning we went for a walk and saw a TON of dolphins swimming really close to shore.  I wish I had better pictures, but they are really hard to capture!

Also happening on the beach that morning was some Navy SEAL training.  They are really hard to see in the picture, but there are at least 50 men swimming in the water along these boats, they appeared to be tethered together in pairs.  I love watching them train, its so interesting!

That afternoon, we headed to Fashion Valley, which is a really nice mall in San Diego.  We did some MORE shopping (so many new clothes, ahh!) and indulged in some Pinkberry for lunch!

We just spent the rest of the afternoon relaxing and watching the sunset.  We had dinner at a good seafood restaurant and then called it a night.

I got home the next day, really late at night.  I was supposed to get back in the middle of the day, but I had truly one of the worst traveling experiences of my life.  It was like Delta was playing a cruel joke on everything.  It was NOT cool, and my bag did not make it home, which totally freaked me out because all of my new clothes were in there!  Thankfully, the bag made it home abut 24 hours later…sheesh.


  1. Sounds AMAZING! Warm weather & a beach sound PRET-TY awesome right about now!

  2. Fro-yo, juice, shopping. What a fun time

  3. What beautiful photos. A day on the beach sounds really lovely right about now.


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