Thursday, April 4, 2013

Suja Juice Cleanse: Day 3

Yesterday went well, and I am on track to finish this juice cleanse tonight!  I was again very surprised that I didn't get hungry yesterday.  I had a little bit of hunger in the afternoon, but after having my afternoon snack juice, I wasn't even hungry for dinner!  I had some friend over to teach them a yoga class, and I was positive I would be starving by the time they left, but I wasn't.  Not that it stopped me from drinking all of my juice though, especially that Vanilla Cloud- holy yum.  My favorites remain the same, Vanilla Cloud and Fuel.

The only side effect I felt yesterday was a headache. And I was freezing all day.  Both of those are normal for me though, so who knows if it was related.  I can't say that I am experiencing this crazy burst of energy that other people talk about, but I do feel good.

I still agree with thought from yesterday that the flavor varies from bottle to bottle.  I did notice slight differences in a few of them.

When I went to buy these at Whole Foods, they didn't have enough of a few of the juices to last me for 3 days.  However, they also carry the Blue Print Cleanse line of juices, so I bought a few of those to have in place of the Suja juices I couldn't get.  Today I will be dipping into those and I am excited to see the difference!

Come back tomorrow for a full review!

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  1. YAY! :) Glad this is going well for you! Are you getting sick of just drinking juice all day??


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