Wednesday, April 10, 2013

I Need Your Help!

I've been dying to tell you all about my weekend at Yin Yoga teacher training, but I haven't found the time yet to sit down and write about it, so check back later for that!  Today though, I am asking for travel tips/advice for our upcoming trip!

We are heading to Europe in about a week and a half!! I can't believe how fast it is coming up, but I keep thinking about all that I still need to do!  Mark and I have both been to Europe, so we aren't complete newbies, but we've never been to the places we are visiting.  SO, if you have been to these areas or have any general packing and traveling tips- please share!  We will be visiting:

Galway, Ireland
Dublin, Ireland
Garmich, Germany
Munich, Germany
Innsbruk, Austria
Salzburg, Austria

We'll be traveling to other places in between these areas, but these are the main places we'll be.  We have a lot of stuff planned, but also have some free days still for exploring.  I'd love to know if you have restaurant recommendations or stores to visit a long the way.  Also let me know about any must see attractions that we might have missed!  Any advice is wanted!

Thanks everyone!!


  1. ahh I AM SOOO JEALOUS! That will be a BLAST! I did a post recently on some packing tips if you would like to read up on them.

    I have never been to any of those places before.. but I can't wait to hear about them!

    PS love the new layout!

  2. Super jealous right now! How fun! I've never been there so I'm no help to you!

    xoxo Jamie

  3. Have a fun time traveling over here to the UK!

    I have been to Dublin and Western Ireland, where are you heading to in Galway? If you can, make it to the Cliffs of Moher, they are awesome.

    Here is my advice for a perfect visit to the Guinness Storehouse (if that is on your list in Dublin:

    Also, when in Dublin, make sure to spend plenty of time peaking around Temple Bar. A great neighbourhood with live music and great pubs.

    Safe travels to the UK!



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