Thursday, February 14, 2013

Meet the Halls!

If I am going to be writing about my little family, it might help if you got to know us!  I already told you a little bit about me in my first post, but here are some pictures of me doing my favorite things:





Mark is my other half (the better half) and it just about the best husband a girl could ask for!  He grew up in small town Minnesota as the son of a pastor.  He is works for TCF bank and is great at what he does.  He is a fantastic runner and golfer, and is an huge sports fan- especially when it comes to his beloved Notre Dame football.

Shay and Orlando:

I know everyone thinks they have the best pets in the world, but our actually are.  Orlando is 7 or 8, we aren't quite sure, and Shay just turned 1! They are so funny and get along surprisingly well, though we accredit this mostly to Orlando's patience rather than Shay's manners.  Shay was named after Mark's favorite runner, the late Ryan Shay, and is shaping up to be quite the athlete himself.  Orlando mostly sleeps and eats- yeah, they have good lives.

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