Thursday, May 22, 2014

Week 26

Look at that! I actually took a picture this week!  I feel like I'm getting behind on these as I'm actually halfway through week 27, but they might be pushing my due date back anyways.  Hey, at least I'm documenting this at all. 

More of the same I guess…heartburn, ligament pain, fatigue.  I've also noticed that my hair is greasy like the second after I wash it, not cool.

Stretch marks?
No!  Still oiling up every day though. 

Food cravings?
Strawberries, cherries, pineapple, lemonade.  I had a chocolate milk craving too!  Never craving anything savory.

Lots of movement at times and nothing at other times.  Movement seems to happen most in the morning or at night, but I get little kicks every couple of hours or so.

Still keeping up with the elliptical machine and walking the dog.  I wish I had kept up with lifting weights because my arms are feeling flabby!  

I'm having a hard time sleeping because of the heartburn!  I'm definitely starting to need more and more pillows all around my body too. 


Maternity Clothes?
It was still cold during week 26, so more of the same old stuff.  I am really looking forward to warmer weather!

What I Miss?
I wouldn't say that I missed drinking all that much, but going to a Twins game without a beer wasn't as fun.  We also went to Fargo to celebrate Mark's birthday and it would have been great to indulge some, but honestly I wanted to indulge in the Dairy Queen cake more, I had to limit myself to a tiny slice due to heartburn!


  1. Catching up over here. Every so often I remember "ok, I need to check her blog!" haha. You are in the 3rd trimester now, so crazy! and exciting! Hope your GI stuff doesn't worsen much more. :(

  2. Look how cute your bump is! Love it!


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